Ramotion’s Approach to Eliminating Visual Challenges in Websites

How to Improve Your Company Website

Your website serves as the face of your company. You would want to make sure that the website leaves a lasting impression on your target audience, compelling them to keep coming back. The website should speak volumes about your brand’s story and message. It is the platform where you can showcase why your business is different from the competition.

Brand identity is a critical element of web design. It creates a cohesive experience in the mind of your audience about your brand and your company’s vision for the future. According to Denis Pakhaliuk, the founder and CEO of Ramotion, an app development and web design agency, your website reflects your strategic goals for your business.

Before outsourcing the job of designing a website, you must always specify your business goals to ensure that they align with the final outcome. This helps web developers formulate an actionable plan that allows you to inch closer toward these goals.

Dealing with visual design challenges

Ramotion starts by gathering information like business goals, current pain points, industry best practices, key use cases, user personas, and competitive analysis. This gives them enough information about the website map and how they can improve the visuals to attract visitors.

In the case of Descript, a tool to transcribe video and audio, Ramotion had to create a logo, add suitable app icons, and develop a visual brand identity. The designers wanted to provide a seamless and familiar user experience. They sat down with the client to discuss what he wanted to achieve with his brand’s marketing website. After the initial discussion, Ramotion found three visual sign challenges.

The first hurdle was to find a unique symbol for Descript. The Ramotion team also transferred product action into a few, distinct shapes. And lastly, they came up with the “D” character to combine multiple product functions, including audio track, text lines, and preloader functions.

Keeping things simple

Ramotion’s vision was to make Descript as simple as possible while still maintaining its professional look and feel. This resulted in the development of a marketing website that reflects the brand’s identity. The design specialists also created explainer animations, which eventually became one of the most beloved aspects of Descript’s website. To this day, Ramotion maintains the website and makes changes as they see fit.

Just a year after Descript’s launch, the founder realized that the product audience had changed. He teamed up with Ramotion to redesign the site in an attempt to attract new customers. Ramotion web designers followed a design funnel approach that included sketching and animating for the site. They came up with tons of animations that explained Descript’s products, providing potential customers with the necessary information to come up with an informed buying decision.

This is the type of approach every professional web design agency should have. Ramotion is an example of how a step by step process of identifying key performance areas and tweaking the visuals can make a difference to a website. Their web design process is widely popular for generating consistent websites that reflect the company’s visual identity, verbal identity, and brand strategy.

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