Michael Dallas-Petersen’s Basics for Connecting with your Audience

Michael Dallas-Petersen

Identifying and connecting with the target audience in any niche plays a huge role in the success, or lack thereof, of a business. As a business owner, the first step towards establishing a business after getting an idea is identifying who needs it, and is willing to pay for it. Successful marketing and automation in business coach, Michael Dallas-Petersen, who has succeeded to master the process of identifying and connecting with his audience, shared some of the insights of how he goes about it.

Michael takes delight in his ability to find out from his audience exactly what they want and then going on to deliver the exact same thing. Understanding and listening to your customer, according to him, is key when connecting with your audience because people like to be listened and heard. This is as opposed to telling your audience what you “think” they want which, needless to say, comes off as disregarding their wishes. At the end of the day, the customers are at the center of your operations, keeping them happy only adds to your chances of success.

Having built himself numerous successful marketing and automation businesses in the social media agency space, Michael has made work easier for his clients in many ways. This he has achieved by helping them to automate their business processes from the prospecting phase all the way to a sales call. In the process of automation, the clients are then able to track their income and expenses and clearly see an accurate account of where their monies are coming from or going. Picture the example of a business owner who is not savvy with quick books and balancing accounting books, having such automated systems enables them to easily track their expenses versus income.

Michael’s automation process not only makes his clients’ work easier, it also enables them to get their money to work for them when he hires his network of virtual assistants to take on the trickier tasks that are more complex in nature. This effectively makes work easier for these clients, who as he puts it, are mostly dental practices who need less leads and more people sitting in their seats. For these dentists, the efficiency of not having to manually set up, confirm or cancel appointments makes their operations more seamless and saves them a lot of time.

In appealing to your target audience’s pain points, Michael Dallas-Petersen validates the importance of listening to your target audience’s needs. When he offers automated marketing solutions to the mortgage brokers with a team of loan officers who are hungry and ready to embrace technology, for instance, they see it as getting help to make their work easier than it would have been if they still relied on referrals. They effectively go from waiting for potential clients to react as a result of the referrals to acting on a direct prompt from the business. In this way, they end up thinking that they are getting the help they need to grow their business when in reality they are buying into Michael’s marketing and automation products and services.

In a nutshell, as a serial entrepreneur, Michael has continued to succeed as a result of his customer centered approach. By simply keeping his target audience happy and giving them exactly what they want, he has continued to grow and is optimistic that he will continue to leverage his marketing and automation services and grow massive wealth for his family on the internet.

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