A College Student’s Guide to Post-Finals Energy Crashes


If you’re a college student striving for a 3.0 GPA (or above), you’re likely familiar with hell week’s high-highs and low-lows, spurred by caffeine crashes, sugar rushes, and emotional breakdowns. This torturous week drains college students’ limited energy sources while putting their semester’s worth of knowledge to the test. Whether you’ve dedicated every spare second of free time to study sessions and flashcard reviews, or you’ve skated by in courseload with the help of Quizlet, chugging Starbucks double shots might be your one tried-and-true finals week coping mechanism.

After you turn-in your last final to your professor (whether virtually or in-person), you’ll be able to kick that stress, pain, and exhaustion to the curb, thanks to some golden secrets from survivors of finals week. While it may take a few weeks to play sleep catch-up, nothing says a month-long vacation from Canvas discussion boards like sleeping in until noon.

Recovering post-finals season

Hibernate in style

Students need to invest in a luxury mattress topper when catching up on sleep during the post-finals season. Recovery from late nights of studying begins with a much-needed rest. With the help of a luxury mattress topper, it will feel as if you’re napping on Cloud Nine.

Relax and clear your head

During finals week, your brain runs a mile a minute, trying its hardest to retain and memorize stacks of information. When it is all over, the best way to recharge is to treat yourself to a day of good old-fashioned relaxation.

Relaxation may look different to everyone. Some people may binge-watch a series that has spent months gathering dust on their Netflix watch list, while others may want to curl up with a good book and finally spend time reading for pleasure.

Reunite with friends

When cramming for back-to-back tests, there’s virtually no time in the day to catch-up with friends or even your suitemates. With study break restrictions robbing college students of social interaction, consider planning something exciting for you and your friends to do in celebration of finals week drawing to a close.

Need ideas for activities that will help you and your roommates make lifelong memories?  Try going out to dinner, seeing a movie, and spending time outdoors hiking. Whatever you decided, be sure to rock a CDC-approved facemask.

Bracing yourself for the upcoming semester

Develop a sleep routine and schedule

Before you know it, the new semester will be knocking at your door. The best way to start the semester on the right foot is to create a consistent sleep routine and schedule. You need to guarantee your body gets enough sleep to operate efficiently.

Stay hydrated

Sometimes the easiest solution to improving your sleep is sitting right in front of you. Drinking more water is the best way college students can fight dehydration. Not to mention, increased water intake will keep you energized and ready to conquer any task. According to the National Academy of Medicine, adult women and men should drink at least 91 and 125 ounces of water a day.

Increase healthy snack options

While it may be more convenient and easy to reach for the sugary snacks instead of preparing a home cooked meal, sour gummy worms and hot Cheetos will only do more harm than good in the long run.

Instead of stocking up on junk food, opt for a healthy snack the next time you get hit with a wave of ravenous hunger. Nuts, dried fruit, rice cakes, fresh fruit, and yogurt are just some of the many snack options that are healthy and perfect for on-the-go. These snacks will have you feeling invigorated and reenergized, unlike the sugary snacks that will have you suffering from a sugar rush.

Goodbye finals season, hello to a fresh start

As one semester of a chapter closes, the next chapter of a new semester opens. With these tips and tricks in mind, finals season will seem like a thing of the past, and the upcoming semester will be a breeze for any college student mentally bracing themselves for back-to-back project deadlines.


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