Tom Moyal: My Background in Web-Designing and Digital Helped Me Grow My Business Exponentially

Tom Moyal
Tom Moyal: My Background in Web-Designing and Digital Helped Me Grow My Business Exponentially

Tom Moyal is quite a digital sensation these days. A young entrepreneur, a favorite among celebs, and founder of two successful companies. Now, these are only a few things that he excels at. He loves exploring and creating the latest digital creations. In partnership with John-Kevin Lawson, his company Digital Event provides its client base with the latest digital marketing strategies. They supervise the deployment of the CMS on a development server, the installation of necessary extensions, development of themes, implementation of text, images, video content, and lots more.

Moyal, as a digital marketer, has established a brand value with his work at Digital Event. After studying web design, he founded Digital Event and used his skills to provide consumers with customization and transparency. Moyal shares, “My background in web-designing and digital helped me grow my business exponentially.” With his Instagram filters, he has become quite popular among influencers like Jailyne Ojeda, Ana Montana, Jessica Rich, Tana Mongeau, Alexa Dellanos, and Durrani Popal.

Fame Filters, Moyal’s second company, is in collaboration with Marquis Trill, a social media influencer, music artist, app developer, business consultant, investor, and a successful entrepreneur himself. Instagram recently announced a program that allows publicly recognized trademarks to create original face filters for their audiences. Moyal, also known as MisterMoyal, created custom and exclusive filters for these celebrities, which went viral over Instagram.

Moyal created high conversion filters using his rich experience as a filter creator. These filters generated 80 million impressions, and he became sought after almost overnight. His filters were shared because of their quality and uniqueness. His Instagram handle has testimonials from his clients using the filters, and one can see firsthand the popularity it has generated. The filters created by him enhanced the engagement rate on Instagram as shared by his clients. “None of this is easy,” Moyal admits, “I keep reading and practicing. I also always keep myself updated with the latest tech, skills, and trends.”

On his plans for the future, Moyal shares, “This is just the beginning. I never planned for fame, but I am happy with what I have achieved. It has only added responsibility.” He wishes to expand his clientele and cater to more diverse projects. Meanwhile, he will continue learning and polishing his skillset.

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