Kenora MP Asks Prime Minister About Ontario FedNor Issues


KENORA – POLITICS – Kenora MP Eric Melillo asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a question about funding for Northern Ontario during Question Period in the House of Commons yesterday, but received an answer about British Columbia.

Melillo used his Wednesday Question Period slot to ask about municipalities awaiting federal funding approvals. He noted that several communities in his riding have been waiting over 100 days for a decision, when FedNor’s stated deadline is 80 business days from receipt of application.

“Can the Prime Minister tell me when these municipalities can expect to have a clear answer on the status of their funding applications?” Melillo asked.

Prime Minister Trudeau provided a generic answer about working with Canadians. Melillo called this “a classic non-answer” and gave the Prime Minister another chance to respond.

This time, Prime Minister Trudeau’s answer included information about “Western economic development” and a new economic development initiative in British Columbia.

Melillo was unimpressed by the response. “It’s clear the Prime Minister had no idea what the topic was – yet another example of how the Liberals continually overlook and neglect Northern Ontario. A Conservative government will stand up for the North.”