Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei – An Entrepreneur to the rescue

Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. Chairman of Shuraa Group, Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei has set an empire in the hearts of Dubai by laying the foundation for aspiring individuals who wished to start their company in Dubai. Saeed as an entrepreneur had in all true sense worked on building people’s dreams and a person turning dreams of others into reality is a true gentleman. Saeed’s Shuraa Group enables in building a secure future for individual’s family and business by setting up their own company in Dubai.

Shuraa Group has emerged as the pioneer in establishing company formation since the year 2001. In past years Shuraa has extended the network and the wide gamut of services which they offer that includes, trade license, Visit Visa, legal paper works, documentation, approvals and licenses. Not only this, Shuraa Group even provides flexible workspace at affordable priced packages. Saeed aims at strengthening SMEs, as across the globe SMEs play the anchor role in supporting the economy of the nation.

Saeed envisaged from a very ripe time the opportunity for letting foreign players in the land of Dubai which will bring in load of values and zing to homeland. Talking to us Saeed shared his viewpoint, “I can always see a pattern of bridging the global and local business market, the moment I got the opportunity I grabbed it and introduced professional services as offered to these companies who are eyeing a spot to kickstart their business in Dubai. Indeed the thought process behind this thought provoking move was to bolster my local people and their employment factor which definitely witnessed a spurt in past recent years.”

They say 37% of the tendency to be an entrepreneur is genetic, well that definitely holds true in case of Saeed, as his father was crowned with the title ‘King of Sea’ and was an esteemed businesman in Dubai. Saeed has inherited the qualities and has embarked on a selfless journey to strengthen & motivate others thus uplifting Dubai’s standard of living and economic condition.

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