Expert advice for viral Instagram growth this year

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Growing an Instagram account is usually not easy. What does Instagram growth mean to you? For most of us, it all lies on the numbers i.e. the number of followers you have or are gaining. Why do you think someone would want to follow your Instagram account? I believe it all depends on your content, your brand exposure and how you engage with your followers. I have a few ideas on how you can grow your Instagram account.


  • Consistency. First things first, you need to have the basics. An Instagram account will not grow from a single post, and most posts will not go viral. It would be best if you came with a solution of getting your posts to your intended audience’ feed. You should consider your content quality, posting frequency and posting schedule. You should check your analytics and check the appropriate time to post your brand. When you are consistent, your audience will always be expecting a new post at a certain time or day. Content quality should also be consistent, always make you stand out.



  • Content Diversity and Production. Nowadays, feed posts do not determine the engagement percentage. It contains story replies, story mentions and the views of an IGTV episode. The more diverse your content is, the more you increase the accounts’ engagement and you will get Instagram followers. Commit yourself to a few “insta” stories a week to set a consistent pace. Resonating with your audience through your stories is a good way to grow your Instagram account.



  • Run Contests and Promotions. Let’s agree on one thing: we all love discounted or free things, right? Sometimes, what these marketers post is usually not what we want as consumers. This gap shows that marketers miss a lot of opportunities to create social content. Running promotions and contests is a good way to get Instagram followers.



  • Use Cross-Platform. Do not depend on one social site; remember there are audiences in other social sites to tap into.  Nowadays, most people are in several social accounts. Each platform has its own audience and unique strengths. For instance, you can use Tiktok to promote your Instagram account. Other forms of cross-platform promotion is having your social media handles in digital ads, and website footers. Cross-platform promotions introduce existing customers to your brand hence getting Instagram followers.



  • Improve your Engagement time. To get Instagram followers, you should engage actively and often with your followers. By active engagement, you are supposed to answer questions, comment on what your follower’s post, among others. An account that is in a position to create content that does not just revolve around promotions and company announcements will get loyal followers. Engagement is important as it creates trust in the brand. This means more referrals and recommendations and that is how you get Instagram followers.


You can get Instagram followers from many methods. A few methods have been mentioned, such as increasing the engagement time and running contests. Some generate faster growth while others take some time. Combining the few strategies mentioned will assist you to get Instagram followers.

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