Get to Know Dor Eckstein’s Unique Method for Losing Fat and Getting Fit

Fitness Instructor Dor Eckstein

The internet is filled with countless diet plans and exercise routines from different fitness instructors. However, while they have significant differences between one another, the guiding principles of these regimens remain the same.

To further explain, they are mostly about exercising as often as possible to gain muscle and cutting back on calories to lose fat. Many fitness instructors also reinforce the importance of discipline and dedication in performing these exercise routines and following the diet program religiously.

While these programs have worked for some people, most experience difficulty in getting their desired results. This causes most people to feel guilty about not being determined enough to achieve their health and fitness goals. Nevertheless, a fitness instructor from Israel named Dor Eckstein offers a different path for those who want to shed off those extra pounds.

Dor Eckstein’s Fitness Routine and Diet Plan

Dor Eckstein used his personal weight loss experience when he was 15 along with the time he spent studying nutrition and fitness academically to create his method of losing weight and maintaining fitness. To start, his diet plan consists of two to three large meals a day instead of the usual plan to cut big meals into smaller ones with the intent to reduce calorie intake. As for the exercise routine, Dor recommends performing two to three strength exercises a week instead of doing aerobic workouts and spending the whole day at the gym.

The principles of Dor Eckstein’s nutrition and exercise plans are that people fail to lose weight not because they do not have the motivation or they do not follow the routine accurately. Rather, he believes that lifestyle, personality, and fitness goals play a key role in creating an effective way of cutting down weight and maintaining fitness.

Furthermore, he wants to create a nutrition and exercise plan that will fit everyone, even those who do not have the same desire or time as a professional bodybuilder.

A Personalized Way To Lose Weight

No two bodies are alike, and each reacts differently to exercise and diet due to certain factors. With that said, Dor Eckstein also offers his service as a fitness instructor for people who want to have a nutrition and exercise plan tailored to their needs and fitness goals.

For those interested in his service, Dor recommends visiting his clinic in Tel Aviv or conducting a live video call for those who live far away for a consultation. During this consultation, Dor and his clinic will obtain information such as metabolic rate, fat percentage, and body type. Clients will also get a chance to tell him about their fitness goals, their preferred diets, their past experiences, and their daily physical routine.

After that, Dor and his clinic will create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan based on the client’s data, and the process will begin. The process consists of six sessions, with a follow-up meeting once every month to check on the plan’s progress. If changes need to be made on either the diet plan or the exercise routine, they will be implemented and the process continues until the client gets his or her desired body shape.

While Dor Eckstein’s way of losing fat may seem unusual compared to the ones commonly seen on the internet, many clients have given their own testimonies about how they have been helped by his method and his clinic. For those who want to get to know more about him and his services, you can follow his Instagram page or visit his official website.

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