Kelly Wing, Founder of Ohwabisabi Media Shares 3 Way to Expand your Business with Ease

Kelly Wing, Founder of Ohwabisabi Media

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs hit a ceiling or plateau in their business which has them feeling as though they are unable expand on what they’ve already built.

Expanding your business doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, it should come quite naturally. All you need to do is take the next step that lies in front of you.

Kelly Wing, founder of Ohwabisabi Media shares how she has expanded her PR and Media Agency – an agency she has only been growing for the last 4 months, yet is thriving in both business and life.

Pay close attention to what people look to you for

A good strategy to take is to pay attention to what people look to you for.

“Recently I have had people asking me where I buy my jewellery from. I also had people approach me asking how they can create a digital media publication/online magazine like mine. So I now have a plan to open a store, and now my team and I also build publications for other leaders”.

Focus on taking the next step only

Instead of forcing new ideas to come, spend more time in stillness and ideas will naturally come to you.

“Many entrepreneurs try to see the whole staircase – so much that they don’t even realise that the one small step in front of them is the only step they need to take. Taking that small step is so effortless, yet so often overlooked and ignored.”

Connect and build relationships with others and co-create together

Whether it’s hiring a team of people who like to do things you don’ enjoy doing, or connecting with other leaders who share the same vision as you – you’re able to expand your own business a lot faster.

“This is because everyone’s geniuses connect together and you can make a bigger impact with others than you can alone. It’s all about finding your tribe and those who understand you”

When you naturally step into what feels good as an entrepreneur every step of the way, business becomes a lot more easy and enjoyable. That way more likely to continue on the journey to creating a lasting legacy.

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