Secret Guide To Unlocking Netflix Content From All Over The World

Why More People are Going Online for their Entertainment

Streaming has revolutionized the world of entertainment. With a huge list of movies and TV shows available on demand, Netflix has taken the world by storm. All the content is neatly organized by genres so that you can choose exactly what you want to see, and even if you leave a show or movie midway, you can pick up right where you left. All of these make it such a popular choice around the world.

As the global pandemic hit, bringing forth the lockdowns and quarantine, Netflix has been the absolute savior. However, if you think that you have already seen everything that is there on the streaming platform, you could not be more mistaken! With a little help from rotating residential proxies or VPN you can now unlock a whole world of new content, available to other countries and not yours.

Private Proxy Server

One of the best and safest ways of bypassing geographical site blocking while browsing through Netflix is through the use of private proxies. Proxy servers work as a gateway in order to redirect and mask your IP while browsing, therefore offering you perfect anonymity online. Its functioning is absolutely simple. It runs all the web traffic on your computer through a proxy first, which in turn, forwards your request to the target website, which is Netflix. The relevant content is then hosted and streamed back to you. Although the entire process seems quite complex to a layperson, it is actually super fast as you enjoy better internet quality over a proxy, resulting in better streaming quality and elimination of lagging or buffering.

A private proxy is extremely easy to get working, as it does not require the user to have an advanced technical knowledge to set it up and operate smoothly. Once it is up, you simply need to connect it to the necessary proxy server of the location or country whose Netflix content you want to enjoy. This will help you bypass the local restrictions and opens up your access to content from countries from all over the world.

Virtual private network

If you are advanced user with the necessary technical prowess to set up, configure and troubleshoot something a little more high tech but way more secure, virtual private network or VPN is a good choice for your internet security. VPN, in fact, works pretty similar in theory to a proxy by configuring your computer to connect to a middle server, which does the work routing all your web traffic via the server to you. Thus, you can bypass geo-blocking and access Netflix from around the world with added security. The traffic going through VPN is fully encrypted, and thus it cannot be viewed by anyone, including even the Proxy owner, which means that hackers simply cannot intercept the data between your computer and the VPN server. It is also practically impossible to trace back to you. However, this level of security is a little extra simply for watching Netflix. It is more suited for businesses for the protection of sensitive company information.

Before you go ahead an purchase a proxy or VPN, make sure you check with your country or state laws to stay on the safe side and avoid legal hassles.


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