Talent Resources Founder Mike Heller Provides Brands And Celebrities With Equal Advertising Power

Mike Heller

Celebrity endorsements have been around for centuries. However, just like every concept, it changed. Eventually, celebrities had power over their likeness and image and soon controlled advertising. Take Michael Jordan, for example; every company wanted him in their ads, which gave him the upper hand. When Nike approached Jordan, he knew the risks of wearing anything but white on his feet during a game…slapped with a $5,000 fine. But Jordan was the outlier, a rebel, and a villain on the court.

This was not out of character, so he made a deal with Nike, one he was the face of that would earn him $1.3 billion. Jordan paved the way for athletes and icons to get big sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Nevertheless, the success of celebrity marketing has come under question in recent years. Most brands, the smart ones, learned to be selective of who represents their products. Just because someone is of high notoriety does not mean they will increase sales. The person needs to fit the values and lifestyle of the brand. Finding the perfect match deems challenging, especially to fit the company’s budget. Fortunately, this dilemma was solved by influencer marketing agencies.

One of the first to be a part of the solution was Mike Heller, who evolved from entertainment lawyer and Lindsay Lohan’s stand-in manager to CEO and Founder of

Talent Resources- a global strategic marketing firm. Heller realized the frustration, miscommunication, manipulation, and pressure talent and brands face when trying to accommodate each other’s needs to get a deal done. Talent Resources would eliminate the obstacles and partner like-minded influencers and brands.

“We are the bridge between brands and Hollywood,” Heller said. “These days, it’s about authenticity, and we have the largest talent buyers and influencer buyers in the world, along with a diversified relationship with reality stars, athletes, and celebrities.”

When proposed with a marketing plan, Talent Resources connects with its vast network of talent and compiles a list of those interested in the plan along with their rate and expected arrangements. This allows for equal control and better results.

Talent Resources not only acts as the bridge, but also creates custom, fully integrated celebrity-driven social media campaigns and events. Heller and his team can host events and invite celebrities with compatible values and lifestyles to organically create a buzz from word of mouth or by posting pictures.

From years of success with pairing the likes of Hailey Bieber to DIFF Eyewear, Kylie Jenner to Teami, and facilitating Super Bowl events with Rolling Stone. Brands are coming to Talent Resources for expert advice on what direction they should go and where their budget should be allocated. Talent Resources does it all and takes on all the risks and stress so that companies and talent can have an easy experience. Mike Heller and his team have been adapting to the advertising world’s needs for years. They are always 10 steps ahead of competitors, which is why, even during a pandemic, business is booming as usual.

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