The Philanthropic Work of Successful Financier Kris Bort Continues to Touch Many Lives

Kris Bort

Kris Bortnovsky, also known as Kris Bort in the financial world, has been involved with philanthropic causes since the start of his career in finance. Kris grew up from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York. Even when his career ascended to new heights, he never neglected the community that raised him. Kris comes from a Jewish background, and always makes a concerted effort through his generous donations to ensure their wellbeing.
Kris became close to many local rabbi’s in the New York area. They helped him stay centered and kept him grounded during his childhood years. He is forever grateful and continues to donate to these rabbi’s causes One of the main foundations he donates to is Lower East Side Chabad, a charity that helps the Jewish community with their needs, and holds regular prayer services, among other things. In his youth, Kris and Chabad Center Rabbi, Rabbi Stone, developed a strong bond and relationship.

Rabbi Stone always provided wisdom, guidance, consul, and friendship. Rabbi Stone’s constant dedication and sacrifice for not only Kris but for the community as a whole has left a permanent imprint on Kris.

Since achieving a high level of success, he now ensures that Rabbi Stone and his Chabad have the resources to keep changing lives for the better.

For the past three years Kris’s primary residence has been in Miami, Florida. His address might have changed but his desire to help people less fortunate then himself remains. Donation’s to the Miami based charity, K-Space has been Kris’s philanthropic initiative in the sunshine state. K-Space is a Jewish based organization that helps connect the Jewish youth through various activities like sports, art, and other organized activities. It promotes the Jewish religion and instills faith in the Jewish youth, while creating a positive, social environment that builds children with high levels of self-esteem.

Kris regularly donates to a charity called ALEPH, a charity that offers assistance to women who have husbands that are incarcerated. The difficulties for single mothers raising children alone are endless. A helping hand is always appreciated. Kris often makes very generous donations to this group.

Kris Bort has achieved monumental success in the finance world, while staying true to his roots by giving back to others who have faced similar struggles.

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