Meet Kai Schoene, the Graphic Designing Prodigy and an Entrepreneur with a Mind Full of Creativity

Kai has also been the German guy who made it in a Swiss contest looking for Mr Right 2019 at place 7

Kai Schoene

In a world that is filled with people full of themselves and who carve for overnight success, success stories that are created out of pure passion, perseverance and a strong will are tales that reach the hearts of people and something which has the power to inspire the world. Many new entrepreneurs of the modern world of business have come at the forefront to showcase the world what they truly possess and one such rising creative personality who has proved his mettle in graphic designing and web designing both like a pro is Kai Schoene, a young talent from Germany, who has made his name prominent across Switzerland as well.

Kai is a passionate graphic designer who specializes in digital and print media and for his quest to become the leading most entrepreneur in the field, he began his career by learning and getting trained in media designing. The world of visuals with different colours, images, videos, typography, etc. had a massive influence on Kai since the beginning and this pumped in the energy and interest in him to make his career into the same.

What’s impressive about this young talent in graphic designing and entrepreneurship is that being a German-based guy, Kai made his name prominent in Switzerland as well by participating in ‘The Swiss Men‘s Award’ in 2019 and managed to win the 7th place in the contest out of 150 people. This, in itself, proves the excellence of the young entrepreneur prodigy that Kai is.

The Swiss Men’s Award is the new contest and seen as one of the most unique men’s awards in Switzerland that look out for Mister Right. Six well-known coaches judge it from Switzerland’s celebrity scene, where a monthly public challenge is also hosted by one of the coaches. Making a unique name for himself in this modern Swiss contest is a remarkable feat that Kai achieved last year and his excitement knew no bounds when he made it at the 7th place.

Speaking about his career, Kai initially worked at an advertising agency as a senior art director in Bremen, Germany and spending years into the same, he came up with the idea to initiate something new that can give him the chance to explore the many other creative aspects of his work. In Switzerland, he worked as a web and graphic designer and also worked rigorously on the graphic implementations for a company’s campaigns.

Two years in Switzerland resulted in Kai coming up with his new projects which revolve around his passion for emotional videos. Along with a friend, he founded yourcarstory ( and yourcompanystory ( With yourcarstory, Kai films special cars with history in an emotional way and with yourcompanystory; he films the story of the company weaving it into an emotional experience.

As a freelance designer as well, Kai has shown his excellence by working with multiple companies like medium-sized firms, beauty clinics, product producers, startups, etc.

Kai Schoene has proved that he indeed is the Mr Right, who has gradually made a name for himself even in a country which was completely new to him. As an entrepreneur and graphic designer, Kai is a mind full of creativity, achieving multiple feats in his career and who has just begun. Follow him on Instagram @kaischoene or visit his website –

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