Alex Ketchum The YouTuber Who Grew His Passion For Entertaining Into A Career

Alex Ketchum

The entertainment industry can be tough, it’s a highly saturated and competitive field. Everyone is trying to make it big, and for some the thought of making it as a content creator online seems out of reach — or simply not possible. YouTuber and content creator Alex Ketchum on the other hand has a unique and creative approach, and has been able to turn his passion for creating into a full time career.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Alex Ketchum has always had a growing passion to entertain people and create content. When he was thirteen years old he started making short videos with his friends on his cell phone. When speaking about his early stages of his career, Alex Ketchum shared “I didn’t have a camera at the time. I had just got my first cell phone which was a flip phone with a really poor quality camera on it, but I made it work. These videos were nothing great but they made me realize that this is what I wanted to do when I grew up. Make funny videos.” 

After graduating high school, Alex Ketchum attended York University where he earned his bachelors degree in Film Production, a highly competitive program that only accepted 60 hand selected students. “I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do right after high school. All I knew is that I loved making videos and entertaining people, so I decided to study film production”, Said Alex Ketchum during his interview. After finishing his studies at York, Alex wanted to find a way where he could turn making comedy videos online into a full time career. This is when he began focusing on his personal brand and started up his YouTube channel.

Alex Ketchum’s videos quickly grew in popularity, with some of his most successful videos even capturing the attention from various internal publications. His work has been shared by LadBible, VT, and International Business Times, receiving over 50+ million views across their social platforms. The growth Alex Ketchum has gained on his social presence has allowed him to turn his passion into a career. “I think the most important part of making it in this industry is establishing your brand. Whether it’s your personal brand or not, keep working at it. Also keep your quality high. Once people start to see the quality of work you produce, you’ll only move up from there.” Said Alex Ketchum.

It’s clear that making it in the entertainment industry is not easy, but with a passion and the right direction anything is possible.

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