Three Reasons Why You Should Go On a Nature Vacation

It’s time we started measuring what matters most to our well-being, starting with accounting for the genuine value that nature provides daily, free of charge.

When on vacation, most people like to enjoy their free time at either beachside resorts or in a city so that they can take advantage of all the amenities and culture. However, using your vacation to explore nature can be one of the most rewarding vacation experiences out there, and is definitely something every holiday-maker should do at least once in their lifetime.

Nature holidays do not have to be grubby and exhausting camping trips either. In fact, these types of trips are usually the opposite of that and can be relaxing yet fun experiences that provide many benefits. Here are just a few of the positive effects of trips out in nature.

Nature is beneficial for our brains

Spending time in nature can seriously boost our mental functioning, which helps us improve our memory and can also increase focus. This is because a break in nature can give us a nice respite from the demanding cognitive processing that urban environments force on us. It’s also said that colours such as blue and green – colours that are extremely common in nature – are some of the easiest colors for our brains to register, meaning that it’s easier to relax when out in nature.

Nature helps us cope with stress

It’s been reported in various studies that people are much happier, calmer and more fulfilled the more time they spend in nature. This can again be attributed to the abundance of green that is found in nature. Green has a subconsciously relaxing effect on us, due to its phycological connotations of peace and growth, and it’s thought that this can help reduce our stress levels.

Furthermore, an active vacation within nature that involves activities like hiking can help regulate adrenaline, a chemical that is created due to stress. There are many great national parks suitable for hiking, with glacier natural parks being a highlight. However, there is far more you can do in these parks, giving you the opportunity to create a wide-ranging Glacier National Park itinerary.

Nature keeps us active

Usually, nature vacations involve fun yet physically demanding activities that can help us keep fit and in good shape. Activities such as climbing, kayaking, and even walking are common on outdoor trips and are all enjoyable ways to burn calories. This makes nature vacations more beneficial than other types of vacations, as you have a realistic chance of returning in better physical shape than when you left, something that can’t be said of holidays that revolve around gorging and excess. Being active can also help make us feel happy and fulfilled, meaning that you may even enjoy an active, nature vacation more than you think due to the increased level of feel-good endorphins swirling around your brain. Moreover, completing a challenging activity, like hiking to the top of a hill, or walking a certain distance, will leave you with a sense of achievement

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