Five Jobs in iGaming That Didn’t Exist Ten Years Ago

Five Jobs in iGaming That Didn't Exist Ten Years Ago

Are you debating whether the iGaming industry might be the right choice for your next career path? Don’t really want to be a software developer or in marketing? There are new roles popping up all over the places that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Influencer Manager

Here’s another career choice that’s built off the back of people’s lives now revolving around social media: an Influencer Manager. While in the past, there may have been roles to help manage ‘talent’ or ‘brand ambassadors,’ in the world of Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and Reddit, there is more to an influencer than just celebrity.

Influencers have more of their lives online, so an Influencer Manager needs to be acutely aware of influencer image, their past, and their trending characteristics. They also need to be charismatic, excellent with working with high profile individuals, and on top of the latest social media trends.

Online Casino Streamer

While watching people play video games is not a new hobby (see: younger siblings throughout the world for the past three to four decades), the opportunity to make a living as a streamer is relatively new – Twitch was released in 2011. Making a living as a casino streamer is an even newer thing.

If you head on over to Twitch you will see that slots have their very own category. Just now, pulling it up, I can see that CasinoDaddy, the #1 slots streamer on the platform, has over four thousand viewers watching his stream. What that can translate to is money in the bank. If you can make it as a casino streamer with plenty of serious cash-making strategy, then you will be able to support yourself via this income stream. Streaming casino games is the hottest niche with the least competition right now and learning how to start casino streaming is easy with the help of this Flashcasino guide.

Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence is a growth field across all industries, so it should come as no surprise that the Business Intelligence Developer in iGaming takes a spot on this list. As recruiters clamor for those with skills in data science, Tableau, and machine learning, a career in iGaming may seem vastly more interesting than one in finance or insurance.

iGaming is a huge industry, driven almost entirely by online data, so the chances to develop insights that lead to new and cool ways to change a company are abundant here. If you love data and what it can lead us to, and you’re looking for an innovative industry to jump into, then this role might be just what you’re looking for.

Automation Engineer

Another tech-based (and data-based) role on the iGaming team is that of an Automation Engineer. Whereas previously this role may have been a strictly DevOps-focused role, it now stretches beyond that.

An Automation Engineer may indeed implement and oversee DevOps activities and tooling, however, they’re also now looking at things like infrastructure, such as AWS optimization and automation, and orchestration tools and platforms. This is the type of role that either specialists or senior software engineers may be able to move into.

Chatbot Engineer

This role involves developing user storyboards to follow in chat, choosing the right tools to implement chat and lots of customer research to ensure that user experience is at the forefront.

Developing chatbots is both a technical job as well as a somewhat artistic job, so applicants for these types of roles need to be good at both. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in chatbots is essential, as is the analysis and ongoing improvement of current chat-based systems as we head into the future where this becomes the norm instead of a human operator.

Any role focused on legal sports betting in the US

Since 2019, sports betting is now legal in many different states throughout the US, with others still to follow. Because this is a very new occurrence, it now requires roles that focus on various compliance topics and issues that all vary from state to state. This means that there are a number of new roles in the marketplace.

These types of roles would suit those who have worked in gaming before, potentially in land-based casinos or those who have worked in compliance roles before where a high degree of caution is needed.

There are plenty of roles to go around in iGaming, it’s not all software developers and artists that are on the books – and there are plenty of new jobs that have popped up over the past 10 years. From people who have an in-depth knowledge of sports to those who are great with people, and even those who simply want to help support the big bosses in the form of an assistant role, there is something for everyone in this industry.

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