Author Somayeh Noor’s “Success Vitamins” Receives Overwhelming Response

Somayeh Noor
Somayeh Noor

“Success Vitamins” by debutant author Somayeh Noor has been making waves, garnering overwhelming positive response from readers and reviewers for its practical content. The book was released on Amazon and Kindle in August 2020.

A self-help motivational book, Success Vitamins shares practical and easy tips to apply and elevate life towards success. A successful entrepreneur-turned-author, Noor imparts valuable pieces of information for students to inculcate and excel in their examinations. The book delves into how goals can be met with proper planning, focus, curriculum and time management, and perfecting the study method.

It also reiterates the significance of meditation, physical activity, mind training, and nutrition in achieving set intentions. The book explores various forms of meditation, such as hypnosis, focus, music, and color therapy, and mind-training activities such as mental conditioning, mind biorhythm method, memory improvement, and tips to help with anxiety. There are also chapters dedicated to dealing with different forms of fatigue, benefits of yoga, and the value of proper nutrition for excellent health, body, and mind.

Explaining the idea behind the book, Noor states, “Social media has become a major distracting factor in people’s lives. We are constantly on our phones, checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and WhatsApp. Though interesting, it does not add as much value to our lives vis-à-vis the time spent on these social media platforms. We need to learn how to redirect our time and focus on tasks ahead of us, for which time management is essential. Scheduling the day and constructively dividing our time between study/work, recreation, and rest helps concentrate and achieve optimum results.”

Noor has assimilated together all the integral facets required for excelling not only in examinations but also in life. The knowledge can be applied to deal with every situation and circumstances and overcome them with ease, calmness, and focus.

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