Antonio Vicente Jr. transforms Cotecna into a diversified organization

Antonio Vicente Jr.
Antonio Vicente Jr.

Country manager of Cotecna Elite Philippines, Inc., Antonio Vicente Ortigas Jr, transforms the fortunes of the company from being an oil and gas industry service provider to a more diverse organization with a presence in several industries

Antonio Vicente Ortigas Jr. has written his name in the history books not only as one of the youngest country managers in the global trade and security industry but also for helping to create a more diversified company for Cotecna Elite Philippines Inc. Since joining Cotecna in 2008, the passionate business executive and exemplary leader has taken the company to heights that most people could only imagine.

Running a business at the highest possible echelon is not the easiest of tasks and in most cases, relatively inexperienced hands fail due to no fault of theirs. However, the case was a lot different for Antonio Vicente Jr. as he channeled his youthful energy to the right path when he took charge of Cotecna. The innovative Antonio joined the company as a subcontractor. However, thanks to his passion, ingenuity, and determination, he has risen over the years to become the country manager of the company and one of the youngest in the industry.

Being 38, I am one of the youngest Country Managers in the Industry. I believe that I was given the confidence to lead our Philippine operations because of my previous track record as an Entrepreneur. I started working with Cotecna in 2008 as a subcontractor and in 2013 we formalized our relationship by joining forces and starting Cotecna Elite Philippines,” Antonio Vicente Jr. Ortigas responded to the question about what brought him to prominence in the industry.

“With my leadership what was once a company focused on the Oil and Gas Industry is now a more diverse organization catering to different sectors, like the Agriculture, Energy, Minerals, Hospitality, Certification and Training industries,” Antonio continued.

Antonio Vicente Ortigas Jr. has continued to demonstrate his passion for taking the company to unprecedented heights, coming up with amazing innovations. He has also built a reputation for setting the pace in each of the industries that Cotecna Elite Philippines has a presence in. Considering his love for entrepreneurship and eye for excellence, the feats achieved by Antonio in a relatively short while are coming as no surprise and the business world can expect more from the 38-year-old.

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