Pedram Mokhtari Shares 3 Tips to Become a Successful Model

Pedram Mokhtari

During the course of the current pandemic, it seems that more and more people are showcasing their talents online and experimenting with the new status quo. The rise of the influencer on social media has never been more obvious. People are bending over backwards to prove themselves online. Social media has become a very effective tool for this. Pedram Mokhtari shares his views on how one can become a successful model using social media.

Mokhtari was born in Ahwaz, Iran where he finished his studies from the University of Isfahan in 2016. Growing up, he had several careers in his life in Iran like taking part in a car exhibition, foreign currency trading, and also buying and selling real estate. Through these and other jobs he made his life savings before turning to social media and becoming a model later in his life.

“I always could find a way to make good investments. Even from a young age I was able to be rich and successful, and was also able to become a role model to many people on social media,” says Mokhtari. He suggests that he believes in three ways to become successful as a model and, indeed, in any other career in life.

Mokhtari’s first suggestion is that to become successful, one must first find out what they are good at. Find your niche talent so that you can build your talent and take it further. To be a model, you must first develop your body and understand the ways that you achieve your goal. Becoming a model requires a lot more than just weightlifting. Food, clothing, grooming, etc. all are equally important.

Next, you must find your audience. Whether it is TV, print, film, or the internet, identifying with your audience is extremely important. You need to be able to relate to them and be approachable to your audience whenever needed.

Lastly, this is a tough world. With thousands of aspirants, becoming someone interesting is not easy. Mokhtari believes that it is necessary to keep fighting, and to never give up. Success can only be achieved through the intervention of an enormous amount of hard work. Talent plays a great part in this success, but even talent requires perseverance.

Mokhtari comes from a very successful family of talented individuals. His brother Pooyan Mokhtari is a popular singer in Iran while his sister, Nikta Mokhtari, is a well-known blogger in Iran with many followers who reach out to her. Mokhtari’s father is a doctor by profession. All-in-all, it was the perfect environment for Pedram to thrive in and succeed as a talented model. Influence runs in the family and this is the influence that Mokhtari wishes to shine on the world. His career as a model has helped him to achieve this ambition.

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