Here’s How Bob Mangat Grew Several Million Dollar Brands From Scratch

Bob Mangat

Bob Mangat resides in Vancouver with his wife and business partner, Ann, and their two boys. Born to two immigrant parents and having grown up with financial hardships like being almost homeless, seeing his parents fighting to make ends meet, dropping out of college, and nearly going bankrupt, has allowed Bob to know the real world’s struggles inside and out.

Initially, Bob worked in real estate, a financially sound career. However, to make ends meet, he still had to work almost eighty hours a week. Of course, this left him with no time for his family. He felt like he did not have any freedom left and consequently, his family life felt unfulfilled, which ultimately caused a rift between him and his wife and caused them to separate. This was the last straw for Mangat who then went on to hire a personal business consultant to help manage his time better. After figuring out how the business world worked and how to market and leverage people with technology, Bob had a set routine and was able to manage his time well. This allowed him to make amends with his wife, and they even had another baby after getting back together!

After leaving his job in real estate, Bob turned to entrepreneurship and founded two significant companies, InvigoMEDIA  and EverGenius®.

InvigoMEDIA’s primary focus is improving clinical outcomes while helping to grow their practice. They offer a specialized approach to each practice’s needs. Moreover, EverGenius® is a SaaS company that manages client relationships and experiences through every social touchpoint.

Bob packs real-world knowledge and proven results into tactical sales and marketing “playbooks” – providing business owners with everything they need to create a well-oiled machine, specifically designed to transform their business dramatically in only a short period of time.

Speaking of growing several brands with zero funding, he credits the success to his knowledge of marketing skills, stating that it’s the one skill every person needs to acquire, since in current times, it is a basic need for many.

He also believes that positioning and branding are extremely critical when it comes to establishing credibility and authority in your space. According to Bob, it allows potential clients to trust and like you before they even do business with you.

Having mastered digital and offline marketing strategies, Bob visits struggling companies all over the world and acts like a doctor to them. He identifies the issues that keep these six, seven, and eight-figure businesses from being successful and provides solutions that will allow them to level up. His website boasts a multitude of raving reviews by clients that are more than satisfied, claiming that working with Bob has made their lives “a whole lot easier” and that they are “blown away” by his services!

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