Milad Ghasemikah Attributes His Success to the Desire to Make People Laugh

Social media influencer, Milad Ghasemikah, dedicates his success to his fans across the globe


Who would have thought that a graduate of architecture would turn out to become a successful online celebrity as a comedian? That was the case of Milad Ghasemikah, a 29-year-old Iranian that has taken the social media and probably the whole internet space by storm with his spontaneous, creative videos. Otherwise known as “sara puli,” the popular Iranian comedy influencer has become hugely successful on the internet and he has continuously attributed his success to his desire to make people laugh and forget about their worries even for a second.

No one has the right to be born a social media, unless of course, the likes of Blu Ivy. The case was not particularly different for Milad as he used to join autocross when he was 19 years old. However, he gave up the sport for other things when he turned 23 and of course, the rest is history as it turned out that the young Milad had other talents that athleticism. His huge success on social media, with more than 3 million followers on Instagram has more than substantiated this claim.

I love the feeling that i can make people laugh even for a second especially in their difficult times. Every time i get a message from a fan who is thanking me for making them forget their problems even for a short time, i get all the energy i need to keep up what I’m doing,” Milad said when asked about what excites him the most in his business.

Making people laugh and gender equality are my only motivations,” said when he was asked about his motivation.

Milad has shown that he is a man of endless tricks up his sleeve. He has seemingly mastered the craft of creating viral videos, a feature that most content creators have struggled to hone. His unique way of taking up female characters and providing solutions to women-oriented questions have helped his popularity in recent times.

Expectedly, many of his videos go seemingly uncontrollably viral in no time. His posts have been identified to garner millions of views and likes on Instagram and other platforms. His videos show the sheer creativity and ingenuity of Milad Ghasemikah while reiterating his advocacy for gender equality.

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