How Pro Golfer Patrycia Kayy got 500,000 Followers on Instagram


Patrycia Kayy is arguably one of the most popular and desirable personalities in social media. From her curvy anatomy to her skills on the golf course, Patrycia seems to be the woman other women love and men want to fall in love with. How the 24-year-old Polish-Canadian golfer turned Instagram model got so famous in such a short period of time seems to be the question on everyone’s mind, but for Patrycia, it was all about staying confident and consistent.

A former NCAA golf player, Patrycia’s journey in social media began shortly after the spring semester of her freshman year. After suffering a broken hand in tournament play, Patrycia underwent surgery and her hand never fully recovered. Although this was a devastating experience, Patrycia continued to be optimistic about her passion for golf and found a different avenue to share her passion; social media.

Patrycia said, “After golf I decided to focus my energy on something else. I took a year off school to figure out what to do next and I decided to grow my Instagram. At the beginning it was super easy to grow, I grew to 100K in less than a year and from there it got easier.”

Her first post on May 9, 2013, a toddler photo of herself, gained 681 likes, which is much higher than the average post and considerably high for a new account user with limited followers. However, after posting a golf tutorial, followed by a photo of herself, Patrycia quickly realized which type of content would grow her following.

In a February 2020 article published in the U.S. Sun, she explained, “”People love that I look cute and innocent, but still radiate sex appeal — especially when people find out I’m a swinger.”

With a growing popularity on Instagram, Patrycia decided to explore SnapChat, quickly earning 40,000 viewers under the alias the “Vet-Model” because she was a model who was also working as a veterinarian. Unfortunately for Patrycia, science was not her passion and she began to explore SnapChat Premium, which allows exclusive subscription-based content. She quickly earned more than 2,000 subscribers as she frequently uploaded nude and swimsuit pictures. However this strategy would soon backfire on her in a weirdly positive way, as she gained more notoriety when her content was leaked via Snapchat and her followers grew an an even more rapid pace.

Patrycia said, “I thought that snapchat would be a “safe” platform to do nude content because you could see who would screenshoot the content. What I didn’t know is that there were ways around to still screen cap my content without notifying the snapchat owner. Most of my content got leaked all over the internet and people still use that content today to scam users.”

After her content from Snapchat leaked, her followers grew by 30 percent in less than 2 months and she now past 300,000 followers and officially became “the girl next door,” on social media. As Patrycia now stands at more than 500,000 followers, who knows how long it will be before she reaches 1,000,000 followers.

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