“My father had gone through a lot of hardship during his childhood days, he never wanted me to suffer the same”, Dawood Mansoori a Nascent Entrepreneur

Dawood Mansoori

A 20 year old from Almoha, Uttar Pradesh is a new business tycoon in the field of digital marketing. Dawood’s father is the Director of one of the renowned brands of India, Patent Tea Company Private Limited. From his childhood days Dawood was very fond of sports. He is a national level volleyball player and also a cricketer. He shares his success mantra in this struggling world, “whatever you do in life, go see something different”.

Encounter with failure will give you experience, and experience will give you success. Satisfying yourself with small things should not be the target.  Learn and always try new things and apply ideas which are out of the blue.  A human full of positive attitude and motivation is at stage when his capabilities are at peak!  So, stay motivated always.  Dawood Mansoori is running his own business at the age of 20. He says that “enjoying luxury life with fortitude is the real satisfaction”.

His father has gone through a lot of hardship during his childhood days. His father never wanted his children to suffer the way he had to. He has provided everything from head to toe to his children. He tributes his success to his father. Dawood is always taught to take risk in the life in order to get succeed. Get detached from the ordinary things around you. People who are you closed one’s, only listen to them, they will guide you the best. Living an ordinary life was not meant for Dawood. He was always fond of luxurious lifestyle, sports car and branded watches. Today’s generation believed in ordinary and simple things like completing graduation, getting a job. But these was never meant for him. Always believe on yourself, start your journey by taking a risk,  the failure will give you experience and experience will give you success.

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