J Carlie a Life of a Genius in the Making


The beauty of the art is that it connects people and carries a message, artists are the messengers. One of the most popular and ancient way of art, for conveying messages is the music.

J Carlie better known as J Carlie, from Los Angeles, is one such messenger, who conveys his message through music.

J Carlie, was fascinated and have enthusiasm toward music from his childhood. In early days, the child of age 10, started making his own composition of music by learning guitar, bass and drums. By the age of 14,he started a screamo band named Robot Circus. By the time enthusiasm and fascination evolved into the passion and love. The passion lead him to design his own art for his band and made him a celebrated designer among other Punk-Rock bands that loved his design a few were made for them. Then by the age of 15, he started learning the delicacies and meaning of the music, through which he connects to the listeners by Appealing to harmonize with the vibrations of composition with enjoying it. The 15 year old teen, became keen and seeker of learning different styles, and constantly moved forward by enhancing his skills. At that time, he involved himself with R&B MUSIC, where he got inspiration to look ahead. At the age of 18,the young composer’s dream, dedication and passion ; compelled him to leave everything to pursue the dream in Los Angeles.

In recent days, J Carlie’s hard work payed off, as he is performing acts with PAPER LOVEE, LIL-GOTIT, LIL-XAN & SOULJABOY. In his Notable Achievement ;he have some projects, in he is working with Multi-Grammy Producers and Multi-Grammy Artists.

Now a days, J Carlie is one of the young celebrated Artist, Producer & Designer of music. The young man is making his way in the field of music industry through his producing and designing. He became inspiration for many youth face generations. Young man is inspired by the quote by Plato that states” Music gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything”. We can hope that one of the notable arts in the field of music would be contributed and gifted by him to the world.

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