How a Casual Dress Code Can Increase Productivity at Work

How a Casual Dress Code Can Increase Productivity at Work

Many workplaces are becoming more casual, and unless your team regularly works with clients or has meetings, then there is probably no reason why they need to come to work in suits and ties. Casual dress codes used to be common in creative environments, but nowadays, all sorts of workplaces have gone casual and see excellent results.

Here’s how it could make your workplace more productive.

People don’t waste time worrying about their appearance

If you’ve ever worked in a business formal environment, you’ll know that it takes a lot to keep up appearances. You are constantly worrying whether your pants are creased, or you have a hair out of place, giving you less time to focus on work. A casual dress code is easier to work with, as people aren’t as worried about how they look and get on with the job.

Casual dress is more comfortable

When you are trying to focus on your work and be productive, comfort is key. Casual clothing is better than business formal wear as it offers:

  • Stretch – casual fabrics are usually more stretchy, so if you’re moving around a lot or sitting at your desk, you can stay comfortable
  • Better temperature control – if you’ve ever sat at a desk all day in polyester pants, you’ll know you can soon get uncomfortable. Also, fabrics like cotton keep you warm or cool, depending on the weather, and are less sweaty than synthetic
  • Better movement – suit jackets and lined, tailored clothes can feel bulky, which feels heavy and uncomfortable after a long day.

Whether they are behind a desk or working in a warehouse, workers who are allowed to wear casual clothing will often feel more comfortable during their shifts, so they can be more productive. It also means it’s easier for people to switch between roles, so if they need to nip down to the shop floor, they won’t be worried about ruining their smart clothes.

They’re less likely to be late due to wardrobe fails

Everyone has had a situation where they’ve been late for work because they just can’t decide what to wear. That’s why it’s worth looking for something casual such as wholesale shirts for your employees, which can then be personalized and provide a uniform of sorts. All your employee then needs to do is throw on some jeans and they are work-ready, so only traffic can slow them down.

A relaxed workplace makes people happier

The way you dress affects your mood considerably, and people who are allowed to wear casual clothes often report they feel happier at work. Happy workers are more productive, so changing the dress code could instantly lift the mood at your work and increase output.

Many companies are now changing their dress code, bringing casual Friday to everyday work life. It means that employees don’t need to spend so much time thinking about what they wear, and instead, can look at practical options. Of course, when there are important meetings and events, you may want to have days when people dress up nicely but ask yourself, is it necessary for every workday?

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