6 Customized Products Suitable for an Employee Welcome Kit

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    One of the best ways to welcome new employees to your organization is by providing them with employee welcome kits. The employees will not only receive the code of conduct, but the customized items will welcome them to the company culture and they will feel like they belong to the company. Depending on the contents, the cost per kit can be between $50 to $100. In addition to common items such as notebooks, pens, and water bottles, some companies may also include their products, gift vouchers, or discount codes for their employees. Below are six commonly included items in employee welcome kits.

    Mugs, Tumblers, and Can Coolers

    Mugs are perhaps the most common item in employee welcome kits and are highly customizable. They can easily be printed with the company’s branding in different colors, sizes, and shapes, and make useful gifts. Water tumblers are also a practical gift that employees can use daily. You can also get a thermos for employees who like drinking coffee or other warm drinks. Mugs, tumblers, and thermos come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

    Custom koozies are also a fun and practical addition to employee welcome kits. They keep drinks cold and can be branded with the company’s logo or message and can come in different styles and colors.

    Tote Bags

    Tote bags are a versatile addition to employee welcome kits. These bags provide ample space for carrying a variety of items and can also display the company’s branding effectively. With the option to print logos or motivational quotes, tote bags become a canvas for showcasing the company’s identity. Many suppliers offer screen printing services, allowing businesses to choose colors and designs and create customized orders in bulk. Tote bags can also hold other welcome kit items, making them highly functional. Consider adding tote bags to your employee welcome kits for a practical and stylish gift. Moreover, eco-friendly tote bags made from sustainable materials like cotton, jute, or canvas can also be a great choice for organizations that prioritize sustainability. These bags not only promote the company’s brand but also align with the organization’s environmental values.

    Calendar and Planners

    Even though many companies are embracing digital calendars and planners, paper versions remain relevant. Having a physical calendar or planner on your desk provides a tangible reminder of important dates and tasks. Writing things down by hand can enhance memory retention and often works better than digital alternatives. Custom-printed calendars and planners can display the company’s logo and motivating quotes, making them a great personalized gift for new employees. Bulk orders can be placed annually with a supplier, allowing for easy procurement and consistency across the organization. Apart from new employees, other employees of the organization can also use them. You can also use them in corporate gifts for other companies.


    T-shirts are another popular item for employee welcome kits. They are highly customizable with company logos and custom designs printed on them. Adding the employee’s name and color-coding by the department can further personalize the gift. In addition to the standard t-shirt, you may consider including a jersey for company sports events or friendly matches. When ordering t-shirts, bulk orders can reduce costs per unit. You can purchase from a supplier or direct order from a company that sources and prints the t-shirts. Various online platforms provide custom t-shirt printing services, allowing companies to create unique and branded t-shirts for their employees at an affordable rate.

    Office Supplies

    Custom office supplies are a useful addition to any employee welcome kit. Pens, pencils, notebooks, and staplers are common items that can be branded with the company logo. Custom-printed notebooks can include motivational quotes and come in various sizes. Similarly, pens and pencils can be customized in different types and colors. Staplers can also feature the company logo. Bulk stickers with the company logo or icon can be added to the kit as well, allowing employees to personalize their workstations and devices. You can find various online printing companies providing custom office supply printing services, making it easy for businesses to create unique branded office supplies for their employees.

    Fun Accessories

    Wristbands and sunglasses are two popular fun accessories that employers add to an employee welcome kit. Apart from these, there are many other accessories, Customized keychains are a popular option and can be made in various shapes and sizes, from simple metal keyrings to keychains made of silicone or PVC. Another popular accessory is the phone holder, which can be printed with the company logo and used by employees during video conferences or presentations. Customized water bottles and travel mugs are also practical and eco-friendly options to consider. Additionally, if your company has a remote workforce, you can add branded laptop sleeves or phone cases to the welcome kit.

    The employee welcome kit serves as a gesture of acceptance and appreciation for new employees – and can also help increase their productivity. Although organizations may design their kits differently, there are a few standard items that are typically included and can be customized. These items are intended to bring joy to the new employees and to motivate them to begin their journey with the company with enthusiasm.




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