Soaking in Style: 5 Ways to Use the Latest Tech in Your Pool

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Technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our daily lives. From smartphones that are as powerful as computers to the technological advances in the field of dentistry and medicine, society is changing. That holds true no matter where in the country you happen to be. We often only associate high tech with Silicon Valley, but Washington D.C. is actually the third best city for tech, right behind Silicon Valley, according to the 2016 TechCities 1.0 report.

This surge in technological advancement is changing the way we experience our homes, in particular. Everything from kitchen faucets to thermostats is part of the tech revolution. Even the average backyard pool is seeing big changes. From full automation to glass tiles and chlorine alternatives, pools have benefited from the technology boom. Check out five of the coolest ways to make use of new tech in your pool.

1. Chlorine Alternatives

We’ve all experienced that harsh chlorine smell after a dip in the pool. New technologies are helping with that by offering chlorine alternatives that allow for pool purification with as little chlorine as possible.

Ozone, a form of oxygen, is one way people are finding chlorine alternatives. Ozone systems can’t completely replace chlorine, but they can lead to a 90% reduction in your use of chlorine.

Another alternative is ultraviolet sanitizing light. These UV systems are sometimes paired with ozone systems. This powerful sanitizing combination can eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful microbes.

2. Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps

A big push in all aspects of society and technology has been toward energy-efficient and eco-friendly products. Pools can be big drains on energy and resources, so it’s no surprise eco-friendly technology has hit here, too.

One way pools are getting more eco-friendly is energy-efficient pool pumps. Pool pumps now have to meet ENERGY STAR’s high standards for energy efficiency. This means they use far less power than pumps of the past, saving you money while helping the environment.

3. Lighting

Energy efficiency comes into play when we talk about pool lighting as well. Pools often have lights both beneath the water and around the pool itself. In the past, conventional lights were just another way that pools were huge energy drains that weren’t very friendly for the environment. Today, we can use LED lights to power our night swims. These lights are far more efficient than conventional lighting options. These, like pool pumps, are ENERGY STAR rated and therefore can be counted on to be eco-friendly.

4. Glass Tiles

This one isn’t so much a piece of technology as an aesthetic choice. However, when we’re looking at pools and technology, it’s hard to separate the gears and motors from the tiles and ladders.

Glass tiling in pools represents a shift in how pools are being made and enjoyed. Traditional interior pool and spa surfaces include materials like plaster, exposed aggregate, or fiberglass. While these materials last 25 years or so, glass tiles can retain their appearance and surface integrity nearly indefinitely. That’s pushing those older materials to the wayside.

Beyond longevity, glass tiles look beautiful. With the ability to reflect sunlight, they can create a luminescent look for your pool. This combination of longevity and look is convincing many to switch over to glass tiling.

5. Automation

Just like the inside of the home, pools are benefiting from advancements in automation.

Sometimes, automation means convenience. This could be features like controlling water temperature, lights, and jets right from your smartphone.

However, automation technology can also mean energy savings. Automation can help homeowners set their pools on cycles so they aren’t wasting energy when they aren’t being used. Setting cycles for “peak” and “off-peak” usage of the pool can result in massive energy savings.

Technology is Changing Pools

Whether you want convenience, are concerned with the environment, or just want to save money, technology can help. Pools, and nearly everything else in our lives, are changing for the better thanks to the influence of technology. We’ve provided a few ideas here, but thinking about what impacts your life most can lead to even more ideas and innovations.

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