Take Your Pick From a Diverse Range of Pool Covers for Your Swimming Pool!

Swimming Pool

High-quality pool covers are essential for every pool owner, be it a home pool or a swimming pool. There are different types of pool covers that you can buy from the market. So, before you rush to a decision, you need to understand your requirements. All pool covers differ; some are meant for heat retention, while others are for water conservation. You can also go for pool covers that are made for safety purposes.

Here, we have discussed a few pool covers that you can go through.

  • Net pool covers or leaf catcher:

If you want to keep leaves out of the pool, choose net pool cover, which is also one of the cheapest options in the market. The pool covers help to catch the leaves and prevent debris from accumulating on the pool surface.

These are ultra-lightweight, easy to remove and install, and cheap. However, these pool covers are prone to tear if not handled properly, and they do not keep out bugs as they can get through the gap. Also, it does not prevent evaporation or rainwater, which can quickly enter the pool.

  • Standard tarps or generic pool cover:

These pool covers are made of tarps. They are affordable and similar to a mesh pool cover. They shield your pool from sunlight, which reduces the UV rays’ effect on the chemicals present in the pool. They also provide some protection from water evaporation and rainwater contamination.

It catches leaves, prevents evaporation, and does not allow water to enter the pool. It is also a cheap alternative to solar full covers. However, as water accumulates on the cover, it can become a little saggy, and you will need a pump to remove the water from the top cover after heavy rain. There is also the risk of the tarp collapsing into the pool, and you might have to replace it within a few years, irrespective of the warranty. It cannot retain heat and is not at all aesthetically pleasing.

  • Swimming pool safety cover:

Swimming pool safety covers are made to keep people, specifically children or animals, from falling into the pool. It protects the pool from debris, shields the pool from UV rays, and does not allow water seepage.

You can get a mesh pool safety cover that looks quite similar to the net one, but these are not made to be taken on and off relatively quickly as these are anchored with anchor pins. The other is a solid safety pool cover made from a solid piece of vinyl; you must install it correctly so that water and debris do not flow into the pool.

  • Solar pool cover:

It is also known as a solar blanket, which prevents debris from entering the pool, preventing rainwater and UV rays. It also guarantees up to 95% of pool water evaporation prevention and warms the pool from 5° to 8°. Check out the latest collections at Just Covers Perth.

  • Thermal pool cover:

A thermal pool cover is designed for indoor use. It helps insulate the pool and does not expose it to unwanted elements. It also keeps the pool warm overnight or when not in use, maintaining a perfect temperature for the pool water.

Summing it up:

It would help if you always chose pool covers built to last and within your budget, which will help you avoid expenses on replacing or repairing.


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