Toronto-Ontario making progress on partnership agreements to get transit built


TORONTO – The City of Toronto and Province of Ontario continue to make progress on a series of partnership agreements regarding the Province’s four priority transit projects.
Toronto Mayor John Tory states, “I am pleased the City is making progress in its agreements with the Province of Ontario to accelerate four projects in Toronto. People want us to get on with building transit and that is our focus at City Hall. As Mayor, I am committed to working with councillors, City staff and the Government of Ontario on the acceleration of these transit projects. This partnership also helps the City invest billions of dollars in state-of-good-repair for our existing transit system – the most significant investment in upgrading our transit system in the city’s history.”
Both governments have been clear that they want to work together to expand transit in Toronto.
Mayor Bill Mauor
Mayor Bill Mauor

Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro tells NetNewsLedger, “We will be at the ROMA conference in Toronto starting Sunday and will continue to press our case on Bombardier as we have all along. One of our meetings is focused solely on this issue.”

The full report on the status of negotiations and agreements is going to the City’s Executive Committee on January 23. This report also provides information regarding a series of provincially proposed acceleration measures that will enhance the Province’s ability to meet committed timelines for transit construction.
The City and Province have completed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Transit Oriented Development. This MOU establishes a series of shared objectives and identifies the roles and responsibilities for the City and Province for the four priority transit projects:
• The Ontario Line
• Line 2 East Extension, (three-stop expansion of Line 2 into Scarborough)
• Yonge North Subway Extension, and
• Eglinton Crosstown West Extension
A preliminary agreement with the Province, formalizing a series of terms previously approved by Council is expected to be finalized by the end of March.
The City continues to work with the Province to explore opportunities to accelerate the delivery of the projects.
Through discussions, the Province has identified the intent to bring forward a series of measures that will enhance the Province’s ability to meet committed timelines. The Province has provided a Statement of Intent to the City, which is a high-level overview of goals/objectives, and a commitment to continued consultation and engagement with the City.
Metrolinx is conducting public consultations on the Ontario Line and Scarborough Subway Expansion of Line 2. More information about these consultations can be found at