The Top 5 Things to Quit in 2020

New year's resolution for quitting smoking will take determination and will power - Image
New year's resolution for quitting smoking will take determination and will power - Image

2020 is here, and as a tradition at the beginning of every year, it is time to make resolutions. What are your aspirations this year? For most people, their lists include positive changes they intend to make in their lives. Unfortunately, having a resolution is the easy part. How you’ll achieve it is what you’ll find challenging. For example, if 2020 is the year you stop drinking alcohol, you need to know how to quit drinking.

Stop Procrastinating

Did you know that 20% of American adults are chronic procrastinators? Is your life filled with regret at how you spend your time, especially at a time when you need to focus? Many people struggle with procrastination. If this was the reason you were not productive in 2019, don’t make the same mistake this year.

If you are going to allocate two hours to perform a tack, let those 120 minutes count. Don’t waste ¾ of that time doing other things only to realize you are out of time, yet you still have so much ground to cover. Meditation and setting a timer every time you begin a task will help you improve your focus, and over time, you’ll achieve optimum productivity.

Quit Smoking

Yes, you know it’s terrible for your health. Even cigarette manufacturers warn you about it! Smoking is a hard habit to let go, but not impossible. Some people have successfully stopped smoking after years of addiction. Start by analyzing how often and how many sticks you smoke per day. Reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily is an excellent start to your journey to quit smoking.

Let go of toxic relationships

Do you have that person in your life who never has anything nice to say? It could be a friend, a family member, or even your spouse. Sometimes it is impossible to sever ties with close relations, but you can stop giving importance to their opinions. If you believe in something, do it, whether that person supports you or not. It is okay to be cautious, but don’t allow negativity to keep you from achieving your dreams.

Quit trying to please everyone

Before performing any task, ask yourself why you are doing it. Do you genuinely believe in what you are doing, or are you trying to make someone happy? When you are a people-pleaser, you will become emotionally and physically drained because you can’t say no. This year, stand your ground. Speak your mind, and accept that you cannot please everyone.

Quit living in the past

Use your past experiences as a guide and lesson. Focusing too much on the past makes you lose sight of what is right in front of you. Just because a relationship went sour doesn’t mean you can’t have a great future with someone else. Mistakes are normal in life, and everyone makes them. Surprisingly, you might think you have made the gravest mistakes in life, but you’ll meet someone who has made worse mistakes. Your past was a learning curve. Don’t let it dictate your future.

A new year is a new beginning, a perfect time to reshape your life, thoughts, and actions. It is the one time you can make drastic changes in your life without explaining yourself. Make 2020 count!


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