How to Save Loving Feelings for Years

How to Save Loving Feelings for Years

Staying in love is a completely different state, and some of the signs of falling in love with it are inevitably lost. For example, drama, tragic intonations, jealousy, uncertainty, and panic fears disappear, but the idea that the one we love is the only one in the world and their company is more important and pleasant to us than the company of other people remains.

Being in Love

Some couples who choose Ukraine women for marriage at say that they are in love with each other until the end of their lives. However, crises inevitably arise in any relationship.

  • When feelings fade

There can be an early or late crisis when we are in love. Many couples experience an early crisis, mainly because their feelings are not strong enough. That is precisely why there are many young people who prefer just living together for some time to make sure that their love will withstand the constant existence next to each other and that their hopes, dreams, desires, and outlooks on life coincide.

Over the years, new desires, new ways of movement may appear – and not always one of the partners can understand and accept the suddenly changed goals of their soulmate. Inevitably, there comes a moment when evolution produces a very large crack between a dream and its realization. Exactly this moment a new love may come – another person who shares your interests.

  • Forever together

There are periods of several days or months when you want new experiences in the life of each couple, even the most harmonious one. The relationships then transform into a hindrance, and the person may find someone new he or she falls in love with. So why, despite this, people do not break up? The answer lies on the surface.

For people who are in love for a long time, the urge to fall in love arising from one of the partners is not addressed to someone new, old relationships are not destroyed to build new ones. Because the partner responds to this urge, and the energy of love is back to the couple again. Thus, the state of falling in love continues because we fall in love again and again – mutually – with the same person. This is a joint development, a way to constantly find each other again.

How to Always Be in Love?

LoveNo couple in love can exist for a long time if the relationships in it are not defined by some agreements, empirically found boundaries, which are accepted precisely because of love. Some believe that unlimited spontaneity and impulsivity should reign in the couple. That is, if you don’t like something, don’t try to be pleasant, get what you want no matter what, don’t adapt to anyone or anything. Such actions are fundamentally wrong. Life in a couple is possible only if we manage to meet the requirements, values, dreams, and desires of our partner.

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