Love, Its Manifestations and Stages

Love, Its Manifestations and Stages

In 1999, an Italian neuroscientist conducted a very interesting study, which revealed that the psychoemotional state of people with obsessive-compulsive reaction is very similar to the state of people in love. Or simply put, they feel acute neurosis caused by obsessive thoughts and states. Many years of research have found the reason for this similarity. It is all because of the production of hormones, which, in turn, regulate all the functions of the body and are responsible for the physical manifestations of love.

Physical & Psychological Expression of Falling in Love

Falling in love with mail order brides can be accompanied by a blush, rapid heartbeat, a feeling of flutter inside, so-called butterflies in the stomach. Sweating, feeling happy, and euphoric are also evident symptoms. Sometimes the desire to eat disappears, but it does not affect the amount of energy. After that comes insomnia, which also does not affect fatigue. The production of hormones is responsible for all these symptoms.

When it comes to the psychological manifestation, here are the signs that a person is falling in love.

●     Awkwardness and Embarrassment

The fear of appearing uninteresting to the object of desire makes the one in love insecure and shy.

●     Fantasies About the Future

The fantasy draws happy moments in our heads, where mutual love reigns in the joint future.

●     Feeling Like You Have Known Each Other for a Long Time

Sometimes it happens because the object of sympathy has obvious similarities with a close friend or even a family member, but this does not change the essence. It seems for the person in love that he/she knew the crash at least the previous 100 years, although he/she is only 35.

●     Euphoria, Attraction, Happiness

People in love experience rejoicing, unbelievable attraction, literally physical magnetism to their crash. A feeling of ownership also appears: you want the object of love to be always next to you.

Is It Forever?

Psychologists distinguish seven stages of relationship development without which it is impossible to achieve true sincere love:

1.   Falling in Love

As a rule, at this stage, people gain the most pleasant and warmest memories. At this stage, the partners experience the most vivid feelings, exciting moments, and emotions, a sense of euphoria.

Love, Its Manifestations and Stages

2.   Satiety

Bright emotions are replaced by day-to-dayness and household duties, which is often the reason for the first misunderstandings. This time is especially dangerous for partners who feel the satiation at different times.

3.   Rejection

Partners begin to analyze each other, and those couples who find it easy to talk to each other sincerely and calmly stay together. Those who failed, unfortunately, break up.

4.   Humility

The partner’s shortcomings, revealed at the alienation stage, should be accepted with patience. You need a full understanding of the fact that all people are different and to have a detailed plan for how to survive this. Only truly strong-willed people can go through this stage.

5.   Devotion

At this stage, we see reconciliation. Conflicts appear pretty rare because there are no reasons for them. All the hidden corners of each other are disclosed, and the keys to them are found. Each of the partners tries to do something useful for their union family.

6.   Respect

At this stage, when a couple can confidently say that they have successfully overcome their crisis, the relationship becomes simple, strong, and trusting. The union brings pleasure and peace of mind.

7.   Love

The peak of overcoming. Now, it is impossible to break spouses, as it is no longer possible for them to surprise each other. The highest level of fidelity, mutual respect, and trust. Partners are no longer subject to any cataclysms from the outside.

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