A Complete Guide To Betting The 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54

Seattle Seahawks kicking a field goal during the Super Bowl XLVIII vs. Denver Broncos Photo - MichelinStar
Super Bowl XLVIII vs. Denver Broncos Photo - MichelinStar

It’s another season for all football fans to be joyful as the NFL Super Bowl 54 will have its finale on February 2, 2020. The green grass field of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida will be the host for the biggest game of the year.

The said venue will welcome the top two football teams, coming from the AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference), that are all vying for this season’s NFL title.

Fans are expected to fill the air in the Hard Rock arena with contagious excitement. Many would probably be on their feet while keeping an eye to the potential winning team as soon as the Super Bowl starts.

All teams have been working so hard to make sure that they can outshine each other. The competition between competing teams has always been this tight, which, in turn, makes betting the game during Super Bowl 54 will be challenging, as well.

To bet for the forthcoming NFL finals without confusion or any other hitches, here is a complete guide of the most common types of wagers you can participate in. Let’s take a quick review.

Point Spreads

It is the most common type of wager you can play to bet the super bowl 54. Basically, in a specific game, two competing teams will outlast each other. Out of these two teams, the oddsmaker identifies the favorite and the underdog. A negative sign in the odds represents the favorite team, while an underdog has a positive sign. This is where many newbies get confused, so be sure you familiarize this well.

Additionally, the team that plays in the home court is listed after the visiting team—New Orleans Saints (+7.5) versus New England Patriots (-7.5), for example. For point spread to work, the favorite team, which is “The Pats” should reach 8 points or if you wager for the underdog, should achieve an upright score of more than +7.5.


The totals wagering game is commonly known as overs and unders betting. Although it’s less popular compared to the Point Spread, many punters are still into this kind of betting. You can efficiently compare right away which team can win, making betting a piece of cake than the others.

Let’s take Baltimore Ravens versus San Francisco 49ers as an example. The first team gets the over category, while the second one gets the under category. For totals wager to work, you must combine the scores of the two teams. If the combined rating is lesser than the given score, it’s recommended to bet for the under.

Money Lines

The Money Line bets are for gamblers who are open to taking risks to earn big. Plus, you can say it’s one of the simplest forms of wager you can take in the upcoming NFL game. You only need to pick the winner, regardless of the odds generated by the bookies. The odds are only identifiers of how much you are going to win once it gets converted.

In most cases, Money Line goes along with Points Spread. Remember that the latter wager type contains both the underdog and the favorite? Most punters would gamble for the underdogs when betting in the Money Line because they have higher chances of winning.

Exotic And Other NFL Wager Types

Parlays, Props, and Futures are the other betting games you can find and play during Super Bowl 54.


A parlay is merely a grouping of two teams that can both potentially win in the NFL. The good side for this type of wager is that if you bet more than one parlay and you luckily win, your earnings are higher. Otherwise, you’ll lose money hand over fist if you lose.


The “props” is a shortened term for proposition bets. It is a bet set by the bookies based on what is on the on-going. It is more likely a guessing game of whoever will take the MVP award or win the toss coin if the game ends in a draw and heads to sudden death overtime.


It is another risky type of bet, but in this case, you can pick the team who will win the championship game. For example, in the upcoming NFL, New England Patriots get the highest odds to win. If you bet for them using the “Futures” bet, then you can win depending on the amount converted using the odds that are initially given.


As the NFL Super Bowl 54 is fast approaching, a lot of football fans are ready to participate in many wagering games. Some bettors are even among a list of entries as to which team they’d like to gamble. To make sure that your NFL betting games are as successful as other gambling games you participated in the past, make sure to review the wagering categories listed above.

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