Thank you Thunder Bay-Superior North

Thunder Bay Superior North Liberal candidate Patty Hajdu addresses rally
Thunder Bay Superior North Liberal MP and Minister of Indigenous Services Patty Hajdu

THUNDER BAY – Thank you, Thunder Bay-Superior North, for choosing me for the second time to be your Member of Parliament. I congratulate all the other candidates who put their names forward. Their willingness to serve our communities and region is admirable.

Over the past four years, I have traveled across the region, listening to the ideas of community leaders, stakeholders, and citizens about how to improve life in Northern Ontario. And though there are many different ideas, perspectives, and projects, one clear message emerges that unifies us all: the love for our region and the limitless possibilities of our people.

That’s why it’s important our federal government continues to invest in our communities and deliver a better quality of life for people no matter where they live. I will continue to be a champion for the unique needs of the North and to keep our beautiful region on the map.

Whether it’s addressing the growing threat of climate change, strengthening the middle class, or improving opportunities for Indigenous communities, I look forward to our work together.

Finally, elections aren’t won alone. To the many people across our vast riding who helped our campaign, thank you, Miigwetch. Whether you made a donation, took a sign, drove a person to the polls to vote, brought soup to the campaign office or knocked on doors, no effort went unnoticed. Your contributions to our campaign and to democracy are what keeps politics grassroots in Canada, something I think is incredibly important to the future of our country.

I will continue to work hard to ensure that our region is seen, heard and recognized as valuable to the social and economic success of Canada.

Patty Hajdu MP


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