How to Make Yourself a Dazzling Digital Age Employee

How to Make Yourself a Dazzling Digital Age Employee

For any individual for whom the digital age is less a native land than an incursion into their analog past, getting truly digital-savvy can feel like an uphill struggle. The age band that is currently aged thirty or older will be all too aware of this difficulty, bridging, as they do, two very different worlds. But there’s no doubt that you’ll need to adjust to the digital age if you’re to advance in the world of business. This article is designed to help you do just that; seizing the initiative to become a dazzling digital age employee.

Harness Data

If you’ve had your ear anywhere near the ground in the last ten years, you’ll have heard the hackneyed phrase that ‘data is the new oil’ dozens of times. It’s this insight into modern business that you should be particularly focused on, using your spare time to invest in building data analysis skills. Start off with a Lean Six Sigma White Belt course to brush up on your data analysis skills, and take it from there, progressing onto higher courses in order to better understand and work with the wonderful world of data.

Understand Social Media

You probably have at least one social media account to your name, and you’ll have been using some form of social media for almost half of your life. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you understand how social media can be used by businesses and, indeed, by individuals looking to get ahead in the business world. While Facebook and Instagram are the hot places to market products at present, LinkedIn is a huge self-promotion platform; somewhere to show off your wares and promote your business in the appropriate environment. Use social media wisely to build your digital development.

Be Software Savvy

Yes, software can be a drag. Yes, it’s difficult to work with, and as you move between companies you’ll have to learn to deal with completely different dashboards, processes, and systems. But, ultimately, software is king in the current business climate, and you’d be foolish to discount the fact that those who’s savvy with software are savvy careerists in the digital world. Make sure that you concentrate on squeezing as much as you can out of each software system that you encounter during your career in order to use transferrable skills into the future – showing off what you’ve learned to future employers.

Keep Abreast of News

We’re not talking about current affairs here, but the kind of tech news that businesses are particularly interested in. GDPR, for instance, is an EU-wide directive that manages the collection of personal data – and applies to any company that operates within the EU (even if based in the US). Knowing about the ins and outs of this regulation can help you advise and discuss with senior managers, showing that you’re well abreast of the current hot-topic tech news of the day. Subscribe to columns, blogs and journals, and keep up-to-date on the most important news.

These four tips are key to being a digital savvy citizen in the age of software, data and social media.

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