Thunder Bay Loses Out on Shipyard Jobs Following Trudeau Liberal’s Decision – Pullia


THUNDER BAY – POLITICS 2.0 – Thunder Bay Superior-North Conservative candidate Frank Pullia says that decisions made by Justin Trudeau to exclude companies from Ontario from bidding on the $100 billion major shipbuilding contracts with the Government of Canada for new ships for the Royal Canadian Navy is another example of the political games and political partisanship that the Trudeau Liberal’s are doing.

This decision Pullia states, “Effectively would exclude jobs from coming to Thunder Bay at the Huddle Shipyards at what many still call the Port Arthur Shipyards.”

“In September, the Government of Canada filed a motion to dismiss the Tribunal’s investigation by invoking a ‘national-security exception’ to stop any further legal action,” explains Pullia.

“The real questions for Thunder Bay voters are simple ones, where were our Liberal MPs for Thunder Bay on these decisions? Then why does it look like our Liberal representatives are not willing to fight for good middle-class jobs in Thunder Bay? 500 jobs lost at Bombardier due to not fighting to get the VIA Rail Contract for $1 billion dollars, and 50 jobs lost at Huddle Shipyards. I will be a champion for Thunder Bay-Superior North and fight for jobs in our region,” concludes Pullia.