Trudeau Liberal’s Carbon Tax Simplistic and Ineffective – Pullia


THUNDER BAY – POLITICS 2.0 – Thunder Bay-Superior North Conservative candidate talks about the Conservative Plan on Climate Change. Pullia says that his long experience and commitment to the environment goes back to his early days on Thunder Bay City Council.

Pullia says that the Trudeau Government’s Carbon Tax is a simplistic way to deal with the climate crisis and all it is really doing is taking money out of the pockets of Canadians. The Conservative says the issue is far more complex than the Liberals have made it, and that Canada and Thunder Bay should be taking a real leadership role on the environment.

Developing green technology that can help save the environment and create good-paying jobs is all a part of the Conservative plan. Pullia states that a Carbon Tax has not been proven to work and that the Liberal Party’s approach attacking the Ford Government in Ontario isn’t going to create the climate for co-operation and moving forward collaboratively.