Tips to Avoid DUI Convictions and Penalties

Tips to Avoid DUI Convictions and Penalties

During holidays, people prefer to dine out, drink with friends, and do strange things. They often make a mistake of drink and drive that can increase their chances of getting convicted for a DUI (Drink Under the Influence) case. This situation can increase the chances of driving fatalities related to alcohol. These events become common during New Year to Thanksgiving.

If you want to evade DUI charges, it is essential to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Here are some tips for your assistance.

Avoid Drink & Drive

Want to avoid a DUI during holidays? You should not drink alcohol if you have to drive. Make sure to designate a driver if you’re going to drink. It is the best way to keep all roads safe for everyone.

Remember, if you are on the road with your car after drinking, it can be dangerous for everyone on the road. Once you are convicted under DUI charges, you will need a qualified lawyer like Long Beach DUI Lawyer.

Follow Legal Limit of Alcohol in Blood

DUI laws of every state may vary. Each state has a specific legal BAC (blood alcohol content) limit. Under this limit, you can drive without any trouble. In numerous countries, you may be arrested for DUIs even with under the limit BAC. You will be immediately arrested under a DUI after causing an accident.

In numerous dominions, the prosecution might have to show that you were driving under the influence of alcohol. If you want to decrease BAC level, you have to eat when drinking. Food can make it easy for your body to digest alcohol.

Moreover, keep an eye on the number of drinks per hour. Calculate the BAC as per your weight. If you want to drive, you have to stop the consumption of alcohol after a particular period. It is essential to maintain your BAC under a legal limit.

Safe Driving

It is always important to drive safely. If you are driving after drinking, pay extra attention to traffic laws. You have to follow the traffic signals.

Keep your attention on the road. Avoid chatting and texting on your phone. Even you are not allowed to fiddle with the radio.

Understand the Laws of Each State

DUI laws of each state may vary, so after drinking alcohol, you should avoid driving. If you are confident that you can drive well, you must check the laws of your state. Make sure to operate with these laws to avoid the possibility of DUI charges.

In numerous states, sleeping it off in vehicles may increase the chances of DUI arrests. Remember, drivers sleeping in cars can be charged under DUI laws. As per these laws, the driver must have complete control of his/her motor vehicle.

Moreover, if a driver turned on his/her vehicle to listen to music or warm-up before falling asleep, the driver may face DUI charges. In numerous states, the keys in ignition become conclusive proof that a driver was in the control of the vehicle.

Behave Yourself

You have to behave nicely even after getting charged for DUI by a police officer. You should be cooperative and polite. Feel free to comply with requests, including registration, performing sobriety tests, and retrieving license of a driver.

In numerous states, the refusal of the driver to comply with blood, urine, or breath test may result in significant penalties. Make sure to cooperate with police officials. You have to give your samples and understand the laws of your state.

Understand the Consequences of DUIs

If you are going out after drinking alcohol, you should hire a driver for your safety. Understand the consequences of DUIs convictions. A higher BAC means you will be charged for a felony. Everything can be severe and complicated. You will need a reliable lawyer, such as Long Beach DUI Lawyer.

Unlike numerous criminal offenses, people may not intend to drink and drive. It may happen after the excessive use of alcohol. If you want to avoid DUI charges, it is essential to avoid driving after consuming alcohol. If you can’t get a driver, make sure to call a cab to reach home. It is a safe way to have fun without suffering the consequences.

Protect Yourself with Cooperative Behavior

Once a person is convicted with DUI charges, he may start unnecessary arguments with police officers. You have to understand a fine line between protecting yourself and being cooperative. If an officer asks you to stop, you have to stop immediately.

Especially in the early morning or at night, the officers believe that you are drinking under the influence of alcohol. He will surely approach you and start his questions. Officer may give some reasons to stop you, but it will be an excuse. An officer can notice particular things, such as the odor of alcohol, slurred speech, flushed face, watery eyes, bloodshot, etc. These things will become a part of the police report.

Remember, watery eyes, bloodshot, slurred speech, and flushed face may have numerous causes. Remember, the odor of liquor may be because of recent consumption because of the quantity consumed. You may face problems when a friendly officer initiates his questions. The symptoms and signs of alcohol impairment can make you a culprit.

If you are answering every question with “YES”, things can be difficult for your DUI lawyer. Make sure to say “NO” to these questions so that the lawyer can argue for you before a panel. It doesn’t mean to lie before an officer, but you have a right to stay silent. Feel free to use this right.

Understand Your Constitutional Right

Remember, you can use constitutional right to your attorney. Once arrested, it is possible to stay silent until to get advice from your attorney. Officers often wait to collect statements and evidence from you to make a strong case against you. Remember, you have this right, so don’t wait for the officer to tell you about this right.

After arrest, you have the right to counsel. It is an important right, and violation of this right can lead to the dismissal of the case. You can ask for this right, and if they ignore it, this situation will go in your favor. The court can reject this whole case.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

If you want a reliable representative to deal with your DUI charges, make sure to hire a qualified DUI lawyer. Here are some benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer.

Detailed Inspection of Your Case

A lawyer specialized in DUI cases can inspect your case. He has specific skills to find evidence that are valuable for your case. The attorney is responsible for determining if he can argue for the unreasonable behavior of a police officer.

Lab results must be carefully examined and assessed to ensure their accuracy. Remember, a reliable DUI attorney can increase your chances to avoid imprisonment and penalty.

Avoid Permanent Felonious Record

Once you find guilty of drink and drive, it could be dangerous for your professional life. Driving in a drunken state may become a misdemeanor. This crime will stay on your record for almost six years. For this reason, your one mistake will affect your life for a long duration.

With this crime on your record, you may find it challenging to get a job. Numerous employers filter out employees with a criminal record from their company. If you are convicted for a DUI case, make sure to contact an attorney immediately. He can help you to turn the situation in your favor. As a result, you will get the desired outcomes.

Avoid Loss of Your Driving License

If you are detained for drunk driving, police will take your driving license. In this situation, a DUI lawyer may help you to save your driving license. The specialized attorney can use possible evidence to decrease your punishment. With the help of a DUI lawyer, you can easily keep your driving license.

Best Defenses for a DUI Lawyer

An attorney may need different pieces of evidence to use in your favor. Here are some common defenses necessary for a DUI attorney.

Mistakes During Sobriety Test

A professional attorney may determine if police use invalid sobriety test in the field. It may help you to get impunity in DUI cases. A lawyer may use test results to prove that your arrest was inaccurate. The test was conducted wrongly, or the validity of this test is questionable.

Illegitimate Stop

In a DUI case, a lawyer can use an unlawful stop. The conditions of arrest can be evaluated to determine whether the police had a valid reason to stop you. With this evidence, he can make a strong case for your assistance. If a police officer doesn’t have any reason to stop you, this situation can be favorable for you.

Wrong Breathalyzer Test

Any mistake in running the standard breathalyzer test may help your lawyer to create a strong case for you. An attorney is responsible for evaluating the results of the test. In many instances, the devices may not reflect accurate results of intoxication status. A DUI lawyer can use this situation to defend his client in the courtroom.

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