Melting Snow May Reveal Discarded Needles

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Addiction problems
Addiction remains an issue. Needles are handed out in large numbers, and often left in along streets and alleys.

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – As the snow starts to melt in Thunder Bay it exposes a winter’s worth of litter. Some of that litter is likely to be discarded needles.

The Superior Points Harm Reduction program at the Health Unit reminds the public to stay safe this spring as the snow melts. Melting snow can reveal discarded needles that have been left over the winter months. Due to the high amount of snowfall this winter, and with warmer temperatures in the forecast, an increase in reports of discarded needles is anticipated.

Although the health risk is very low, it is important that the public takes appropriate precautions if they find any discarded needles. Superior Points can be contacted to pick up the needles. Needle clean-up kits are also available for pick-up at the Health Unit; contact Superior Points for more information.

Discarded needles can be handled safely using these steps:

  • Pick needles up carefully, by wearing gloves and/or tongs.
  • Stay as far away from the sharp end as possible and do not attempt to put the cap back on.
  • Put the needles in a hard plastic container, like a water bottle. Seal the container tightly.
  • Call Superior Points to pick up the needles, or dispose of the container at any yellow needle collection bin located across the city.

If a discarded needle is found, Superior Points can be contacted at (807) 621-7861 or (807) 621-7862, Monday through Friday. For more information, including locations of the needle collection bins, visit