Writing, Coding and Other Modern Professions and Useful Skills to Learn Online

Modern world is changing rapidly. See the list of wanted professions everyone can learn and master online to improve their lives.
Modern world is changing rapidly. See the list of wanted professions everyone can learn and master online to improve their lives.

Education does not end after one gets a college or university diploma. Professional writers know what they say. Nowadays, everyone should study, no matter how old and qualified they already are. And our time can offer many possibilities to do that. One can improve their communication skills, learn basics of Python programming language and many other things online!

We packed some popular professions and skills into one list below. Our goal was to show you the direction, but what you decide to learn is your call.


We won’t judge if it is good or bad, but digital devices control human lives while programming codes control each of them. No matter what exactly you would like to study: HTML, PHP, Java, CSS or other fields, there are many online programming courses that can teach you to create and control digital contents from the very basic.

For instance, Codeacadeemy.com website offers a wide range of interactive online courses. 24 million users from all over the world chose their platform to study coding. Looks like it is really useful, isn’t it?

Advanced Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel is just everywhere. Organizations all over the world use it to control and analyze data. The skill of working with it professionally will make you a more valuable member of any team.

Meanwhile, most office workers use this instrument on a basic level only. The educational platform by LinkedIn, Lynda, offers Excel online courses of different difficulty levels. So, you’ll be able to find something no matter what skill level you have already had.

Writer’s Help: Web Scraping

Web Scraping helps in the creation of the content. The method is quite simple: a specially created algorithm enters the certain website and moves through all the internal links while carefully collecting the content of wanted pages. As a result, the user gets a completed CSV file.

Why is it needed? Let’s suppose a content writer creates item descriptions for online shops. He or she would be happy to have such a file with descriptions written by competitors.

Photography and Photoshop

Photography can become an excellent choice to build a career with no connection to an office and a strict job schedule. Almost every person can master making and processing pictures on a level which is higher than average.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you look for something in the Web, you probably click on the first link appearing in your search results. Companies are ready to pay big money for top rating positions and search engine optimization specialists know that it can earn good money.

Quick Reading

Because of a huge amount of information available, modern humans need to cope with a serious task: to filter texts and to read them quickly without reducing the level of understanding. That is what quick reading online courses can teach you.

Quick reading is not the ability to read a book in 5 minutes. It is rather the ability to find the most important things without wasting time on “water”. Knowing how to filter masses of data is a great advantage today, and it will only become more valuable in the future.

Adobe Software Knowledge (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

Here is a reason why Adobe software solutions dominate the field of digital graphics processing. Creative Suite applications are complicated, but at the same time, they are extremely powerful and capable of solving many different tasks. Many people do not go further than basic functions here, just like in Excel. Still, you should know: knowledge of Adobe programs will let you make very cool things.

Intranet Job Skills

Unlike the Internet, the intranet means the internal private network of a certain organization. As a rule, the intranet is a kind of minimized Internet based on the IP protocol to exchange and share a certain part of information inside the company. Workers can dynamically interact with each other through intranet solutions. So, the intranet is very important for the effectiveness of big companies and organizations.

Data Analysis

Any data is just a useless piece of information if the company cannot use it to make decisions. In a modern world, there is much of different data. So, the skill of working with them and the ability to make prognoses and conclusions based on the gathered information is a valuable skill.

If you have analytical and strategic abilities, and you like solving puzzles, then you can reach success in this wanted and profitable field.

Video Editing

This is a perfect way for people who are creative and technical at a time, who have enough patience and ability to notice details. Take into account the popularity of YouTube and a relatively low entry level (compared to coding, for instance). This all summed makes video editing and production quite an attractive activity nowadays.

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