4 Tips to creating a new business model

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Entrepreneur CentreLONDON – Building a successful business from scratch is no small feat. Apart from having the right discipline and commitment, you also ought to create an effective plan that will guarantee the blossoming of your venture. This plan, together with the underlying strategies you create, forms your unique business model. However, there’s never a clear-cut path to success. You’re often required to try out an assortment of business models before finally finding one that works best for your business.

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Here are 4 tips to creating a new business model:


  • Speak to investors and experts within your industry


Entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend workshops, interact with like-minded individuals and create a valuable network. When your business isn’t operating as profitably as you’d expected, seeking advice and helpful insights from experts around you might just inspire you to try something new. Their fresh ideas and unbiased feedback concerning your current business model will challenge you to try more effective strategies. Change is an inevitable process, even in business. Failure to embrace change will make you hesitant to grabbing crucial business opportunities by the horns. Therefore, take advantage of the industry experts around you.


  • Conduct sufficient market research


The market is immensely dynamic. A product may be considered trendy one year but unfashionable the next – it’s just how the marketplace operates. Rather than using the same archaic marketing strategies you’ve been using for years, find out what your niche market really needs. Do they require speedier delivery services or better after-sale perks? Conducting adequate market research will help you get answers to these pressing questions. After all, satisfying customers’ needs is the core mandate of any business. The feedback you receive will allow you to tweak your business model.


  • Implement a local rollout before going all out


If you’re planning to execute your latest business model, start by rolling out a pilot. The performance of your business in a localized area will determine how well it does when executed on a wider scale. In addition, a local rollout makes it possible to test the quality, pricing and cost of production with optimum speed and efficiency. A good business model will quickly gain local traction. You can also make the necessary corrections to your model depending on the results of your local rollout program.


  • Set clear goals that are realistic


Success can’t be achieved by setting vague business goals. As you design a new business model, ensure that your goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. Your goals should clearly indicate everything you desire to achieve from the business. The success your business achieves should be easy to evaluate (measurable). In addition, the objectives you set should have specific timelines to avoid procrastination. After writing down all your business goals, arrange them accordingly and prioritize those that are most urgent. Inevitably, some goals will require a strategic, long-term implementation because of limited resources.

These few tips should help you create an effective business model.


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