Tips On Writing A Research Paper

research paper writing

LONDON – TECH – Research papers are the core tasks in academia. There are many types of academic papers, including reviews, opinion papers, essays, theses, etc.

It is hard to say that students like writing papers. The majority find it hard to write. If you want to express your attitude to academic writing, you can vote on research papers online and share your perception of academic writing.

research paper

How To Write An Excellent Research Paper In Terms Of Structure

If you decide to write an academic paper, you have to work not only in its content. You also have to develop a right structure at the very beginning. It is not less important than a research by itself. Here are some remarks on a structure that you have to remember about:

  • Do not underestimate a value of a well-structured paper. In college, students often get low grades not because they are wrong in research results. Very often they underestimate the structure of a paper. They do not take time to describe all the stages of scientific investigation in detail.
  • Include fundamental structural elements in each paper. This is an important principle. Each scientific paper has to contain Introduction, the Main Body, Conclusion and Reference list. The Main Body usually has several subsections, they may be different for different tasks.
  • Add more structural parts to a research paper. Do not limit your work to some basic elements. Include Methodology part onto the paper. A finely written Methodology part shows that a student understands how his research is going to be conducted. It is not an easy part to write, but the grade will go up if you include it.
  • Develop a Discussion section. A sense of scientific assignment is to bring new knowledge and to identify new scientific problems or gaps. That is why Discussion section is so important. In this section, the student can critically assess his work and identify what issues are still unresolved.
  • Draft a plan. Writing a research is not easy. It will be easier for you if you draft a plan of the paper. It will help you to conduct a research more effectively. It will also help to structure all work correctly.
  • Develop a long reference list. Bibliography matters. Very often it is the first piece professors pay attention to. It shows what type of material became a basis for the assignment. Sources differ. The best is to use as many primary sources as possible.
  • Use guidelines. In college, guidelines clearly state how long each type of academic paper has to be. They also state the approximate length of each chapter, and contain remarks on formatting, structure, etc.

These are some notes on how a quality research paper has to look like structure-wise. If you compose a research paper in a right way, you will most likely get a good grade.

research paper writing

Quality Content For Research

Content is the king of academic tasks. It has to show reasoning and analytical skills of a student. No one is able to conduct a research perfectly from the first time. It usually takes considerable efforts.

Here are some tips on how to develop a quality research paper content:

  • Define what type of research you do. There are many different types of research. Some of them are harder or easier to conduct. Choose a type that you will conduct without problems.
  • Choose the right methodology. It is not possible to research without applying an appropriate methodology. If you would like to choose methodology correctly, the best is to discuss it with the professor. He will recommend which methodology is right for your research.
  • Describe research in simple words. Many young scientists make a mistake using too many Greek or Latin words. A scientific paper has to be written in an understandable manner, without overly complicated vocabulary.
  • Justify your thoughts. Science is about evidence. Choose the books of the authors who are experts in given fields. Choose the sources by them that are relevant and recent, include into the list of references, and cite each source at least once in the text.
  • Follow academic writing rules: avoid writing in first person, use only third person instead. Do not use contractions or slang. The syntax has to be clear and comprehensive.

These recommendations will help you create a quality research paper in terms of content. If you stick to these rules, you will see that writing for college can be interesting. It requires hard daily work, but it is worth it.

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