What Are Some Of The Steps In Writing A Film Analysis Essay?


The film is the heart and soul of the world. It shows the visual imagery of what people see and feel about different worldviews. Therefore, people analyze films a bit more to the deeper core of their making and understanding.

One method of analyzing films is writing a film analysis essay. In the film studies department, film analysis showcases one’s understanding of a particular film and shows how one sees the film from one’s worldview.

Hence, in the next section, we will discuss some of the steps to writing a successful film analysis essay. That way, you can increase your understanding of the film.

Steps To Write A Film Analysis Essay

Writing a film analysis essay is not rocket science if you know the right steps to write it. That way, you can increase your understanding of the film and how it presenṭs to the world.

Here are a few steps to help you write a film analysis essay, as stated by PaperHelp

Step 1: Read The Assignment

One of the first steps that you need to do is to read the assignment prompt properly. This is because you need to follow the directions of –

  • How many words to write?
  • What is the citation limit?
  • What is the format style?
  • How does the word count need to be divided across the essay?
  • What is the due date to submit the essay?

All of these questions are necessary to write a perfect film analysis. Besides, professors may also add some themes to help you choose films surrounding it. Hence, read the fine details to get a better understanding of the essay writing process.

Step 2: Do Proper Research

One of the imperative natures of a film analysis essay is the number of hours you put into the research. That way, you can find relevant facts and figures to add to the paper and enhance its overall quality. Furthermore, it can help you reduce the plagiarism rate in the paper and get good grades.

For this, you can use Google Scholar, JSTOR, and other film institute websites where you can find relevant information on the film. Consequently, with quality sources, you can write and lower the filler rate in your essay paper. Therefore, you need to conduct research for three-four days to find the best data to add to the paper.

Step 3: Watch The Film

Before you get to the writing, you need to choose a film and then watch it properly. For this, you should choose the movie you love or the genre you love. That way, you can bring flair to the writing process and add your personal touch to the essay.

Therefore, you follow a practice –

  • First, watch the film as it is
  • Second, watch the film without any music
  • Lastly, watch the film in a mute

With this practice, you can get a better understanding of the film and how the film director presents the film to the world. Consequently, with practice, you enhance your creativity and visual prowess to convey the story.

Step 4: Write An Introduction

One of the trickiest parts of writing an essay is the introduction. It is the part where you have to impress the reader, as the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, you should follow a few steps to write it –

  • Start off the essay with a hook
  • Explain the theme in one line
  • Write the sections to follow in the essay
  • End it with a thesis statement

For the thesis statement, again, the following three C’s action plan. It is clear, concise, and consistent, as it allows the reader to get a clear action plan. Hence, most of the writers prefer to write an introduction in the end.

Step 5: Build The Body Part

After the introduction comes the analysis part, where you need to explain the whole film in a section-wise manner. It is the part where you break down the events in the film and add them to the paper. Therefore, you need to be very picky about the events you choose to cover in the essay.

For this, you can cover one point in each subsection. That way, you can segregate the flow of the essay and let the information flow in a stratified order. Moreover, you can also use your critical thinking to explain things in your way to get a few added points to the essay.

Step 6: Conclude The Essay

After the body part comes the concluding section, where you need to end the essay. For this, you can write a summary of the essay or offer a recommendation to conduct more research on the subject. Hence, you can end the essay with a more profound effect on readers to feel satisfied in the end.

Moreover, you can also put forth your understanding of the film. You can write about the direction, color palettes, characters, and casting. That way, you can impress your professor and get an A+ on the essay paper.

Step 7: Revise And Edit

Lastly, it comes down to the editing part, where you need to review the article and find out the issues lingering in the paper. It includes typo errors and grammatical errors, which reduces the paper’s quality. For this, it is best to read the paper after one or two days to get a better feel of the mistakes and correct them.

However, you can also ask your friends and family to review your paper and present their perceptions. That way, you can rectify those areas and build a more compelling paper to read and get grades on. So, edit the paper properly and check for citations so as not to fall into the issue of plagiarism.

Always Check For Plagiarism

In the end, you should always get your paper checked for plagiarism. It will help you to find the relevant tweaks you can make in the paper to make one of the best reads. Therefore, you can use Turnitin to check your plagiarism score.

So, if you want to write the perfect film analysis essay, follow the steps mentioned in the discussion and flaunt your film knowledge to the class.


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