How to Write Persuasive Essays Correctly

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essay writingIt is not enough to know how to write an essay in order to compose a persuasive one. Actually, this concerns a type of an essay. To get your assignment done well, you have to know the specific requirements for that particular assignment. In terms of a persuasive essay, it is not the same as an expository or descriptive one. So, how to write the persuasive type of essay?

As a student, you have two options here – either to get a professional assistance or to handle everything by yourself, following a couple of useful recommendations. What to choose depends on you only. But if you want to try yourself in writing a persuasive essay, you can’t do it without reading the information below. Of course, if you are not familiar with what this type of writing is all about. So, let’s learn to write persuasive essays without wasting a minute.

Academic Writing Tips for College and University Students

First of all, let’s make it clear what a persuasive essay is. What are you actually required to express or describe or explain in this type of academic assignment?

To make a long story short, it is a type of opinion writing, where you express what you think, believe or feel about a specific question, idea, or topic. In other words, a persuasive essay asks you to convince your reader. Make the readers believe what you believe. Persuade them to take action, to do something. Change their mind about a certain topic by providing the evidence to protect your own ideas and opinions. What is important for a persuasive writing is to have a very passionate opinion of what you’ve written about.

If you don’t believe in what you’re writing about, you won’t be able to convince the readers and create a strong essay as a result. In this writing, you have to be very sure in your position about something. Your opinion has to be:

  • Strong;
  • Stable;
  • And supported by everything you’re writing about in your essay.

What we recommend is writing down your opinion, listing all the reasons to agree or disagree with it. Go through what you’ve written to figure out why exactly your position is better than the opposite position. You have to be very clear and specific when writing a persuasive essay. It requires honesty as well. So, after reading your own essay you have to realize that you believe what you’ve written about, your position about something is strong enough, and there is enough evidence to support it.

If you’re not sure about your own position after reading an essay, and you think that you might want to change it, then your essay is not written correctly. Maybe it would be better to rewrite it. You have to check whether you’ve mentioned anything that you can have questions about. If so, rewrite an essay or think about eliminating or replacing these parts with something different. The task is to pick the best argument possible.

At the same time, a persuasive essay is not about being selfish with your own opinion about something. Leave a place to show that you understand the reasons why other people might have different opinions about this particular question. Be objective. Show that you have a full picture of the topic and understand that other scientists and readers might think differently about what you’re talking about in your essay. But this doesn’t mean you have to doubt your own position. Instead, provide strong argument and evidence to support it and convince the readers to take your side.

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