Letters: Energy Minister Should Stop Reading from Script

Letters to the Editor

Smith Falls – LETTERS – Glenn Thibeault our energy minister states only British Columbia has lower rates hydro rates across North America, Glenn should quit reading from the Liberal script and acknowledge Ontario has the highest hydro rates in North America and this is why Ontario has to give rebates on top of rebates on our hydro bill and then add those saving on to our provincial debt of over $300 billion which means higher taxes & fees & new taxes & fees as we still pay one way or the other.

Glenn states Ontario’s prices are in the middle of all jurisdictions in North America  I heard this script that Glenn is reading from before from Bob Chiarelli  along with the other line when the Liberals came to power in 2003 under Dalton McGuinty, we inherited a “crumbling” electricity system so why did Mcguinty and the Liberal’s promise  Ontarians’s they would freeze hydro rates from 2003-2007 if they got elected  if the system was as bad as they keep repeating to-day  and why did Mcguinty make this promise as he served as the Liberal’s critic for Energy & Environment at one point and what was their energy critic at the time doing?

Going back to Glenn’s claim all 2016 prices:

  • Manitoba monthly service charge of $7.57  + 7.672 cents a kwh so on a 1000 kwh of usage your total bill is $81.38
  • Quebec monthly service charge is $12.19 cents + 5.71 cents a kwh so on a 1000 kwh of usage your total bill is $89.62
  • British Columbia monthly service charge $5.50 Energy Charge: 8.29¢/ kwh x 675 kwh usage =$55.96+12.43¢/kwh x 325 kwh usage $40.40 total cost $96.35 then add a 5% rate rider charge your total bill on a 1000 kwh is $106.67
  • Hydro One energy charge 18¢/ kwh x200 kwh usage peak $36,+ 13.2¢/kwh x 200 kwh usage mid $26.40+ 8.7¢ /kwh 600 usage low $52.20 total $114.60 hydro usage; then add all of our service charges for a cost of $239.23 for 1000 kph usage

The Liberals are failing to address the real issues  which are over priced wind and solar contracts then signing more wind and solar contracts  then we pay wind and solar farms not to produce power while hydroelectric stations run at partial capacity while we divert or spill water  which we have to pay for , then we export excess power at a loss.which we pay for.

Ross Ayotte 
Smiths Falls Ont
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