Get to know yourself better with DISC personal profiling

Sometimes a smile just comes from the swinging good time you have - Here Nation shares the joy of summer
Sometimes a smile just comes from the swinging good time you have - Here Nation shares the joy of summer

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – DISC personal profiles are a test that is designed to give you insight into how you handle or react to certain situations or scenarios. Are you a planner or more spontaneous? Do you like change or fear it? DISC is a type of psychometric test that is designed to measure your behaviour or personal behavioural style. It is often used by employers as part of the hiring process, as a way to determine which applicants have the aptitudes and personality style necessary to fit into a certain job, a team, or the corporate culture at large.

The DISC profile personality test measures things like:

How you prefer to communicate with others – Are you talkative, or more of a listener? Do you take others’ advice well?

How you cope with pressure – Do you roll with the punches, or are you easily frazzled?

How you deal with conflict – Do you shy away from problems, or are you more confrontational?

How you make decisions – Are you quick to decide, or more calculating? Do you decide based on intuition, or do you tend to make your decisions based on facts and research?

DISC is an acronym that stands for Dominance Influence Steadiness and Compliance. Every person has hs or her own particular mixture of each of these four areas. Some will be stronger in some areas, others will be stronger in other areas. For example, if you are a dominant person, you will be viewed as direct and assertive, maybe even forceful. You will be motivated, a self-started, and very driven. People with a high D score will typically be good managers and delegators.

People with a high I score will be good influencers. They are the people-people. They are persuasive and friendly, motivated by the opportunity to be liked and recognized. These people will manage a team by getting them on board with their ideas.

A high S score means you are steady and you crave routine, order and security. You will be viewed as patient and kind, and you will be known as a great listener. Your managerial style will be based on your ability to organize a team and to listen to others.

A high C score means you are compliant. You are motivated by structure, procedures, and protocols, and you are logical and systematic. You precise and may be considered a perfectionist. You will likely communicate best in writing and your managerial style will be characterised by creating rules and regulations

If you are compliant, you will be motivated by rules and procedures. You will come across as careful, systematic, logical and precise and may be seen as a perfectionist. Your preferred communication style will be by writing and you will manage through applying rules and regulations.

So, which personality style are you? Do you recognize yourself here? If not, you may want to do a self DISC assessment to get to know your personality style better.

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