Hydro Rates Cause Disconnects and High Costs for Consumers

Letters to the Editor

THUNDER BAY – LETTERS – In 2015 sixty thousand people had their hydro disconnected in Ontario and the reconnect fee is $160.00 not including a security deposit upon reconnection and our energy minister Glen Thibault and the Liberal’s do not think we have a hydro crisis also the OEB and the Wynne Liberal’s do not factor in the # of people who can’t afford hydro when they raise our rates in the spring and fall every year and the Liberals stated our rates will increase for the next 17 years and they have no ideal how many customers are in arrears due to the quadrupling of our rates at peak time.

When the Liberals came to power our rates were 4.3 cents a kwh all day long. now our peak rate is 18 cents a kwh and 13.2 cents a kwh at mid peak rate when we need hydro the most, also we are over producing hydro which in most cases the Americans, Quebec, and Manitoba are getting our hydro for free or pennies a kwh. even our off peak rates have doubled as they are now 8.7 cents a kwh.

So what have the Liberal’s done with all this revenue they created as we have the highest hydro rates in North America and soon we will only own 40% of Hydro One due the 60% sell off in which the people of Ontario are now financing loans to help sell Hydro One stock thanks to premier Wynne also the Liberal’s keep telling us they have a plan and they are listening to their experts.so I ask you how is their plan working out for you , contact Glen Thibault at 416-327-6758 or 705-675-1914 or by email gthibeault.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org;

Or premier Wynne at Tel 416-325-1941 or 416-425-6777 or by email “Premier Wynne” , to let them know the Liberals have created a crisis on Ontario because they just don’t get it also remember in 4 years time Ontario’s debt is predicted to rise to 350 billion dollars when they took office our debt was $138 billion.

Ross Ayotte
Smiths Falls Ont

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