Ontario Regional Chief Day Shares Message of Hope

Ontario Regional Chief Day speaking at Oshki Graduation in Thunder Bay
Ontario Regional Chief Day speaking at Oshki Graduation in Thunder Bay

Regional Chief Day Shares with Graduates

THUNDER BAY – Graduates and guests at the Oshki graduation on Friday were able to listen to a story of success from humble beginnings from Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day.

The Regional Chief in his graduation keynote speech put aside his prepared remarks, and spoke to the graduates from the heart on just how important the steps forward they are taking.

From the steps of taking education and then graduation, the Regional Chief explained how he got up in his life and choose a similar program as offered by Oshki to make changes in his life, and how making those choices have changed his life.

Ontario Regional Chief
Eric, a young man spoke to the Ontario Regional Chief before the graduation.

Upon arriving at the Graduation Celebration, the Regional Chief took time to talk to the people, including the young people who were attending. The Regional Chief shared with the audience and graduates that the message they were sharing with their commitment to their futures would have a positive impact on the youth and on their communities.

Stepping up and sharing his own story however made the address especially meaningful.

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