Patty Hajdu – Canadians have a clear choice in this election

Letters to the Editor

THUNDER BAY – LETTERS – Thomas Mulcair and the NDP are making promises they can’t keep. There are so many holes in the costing of the NDP election platform that former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page described it as being a “Swiss-cheese fiscal costing platform” (Huffington Post, September 17, 2015).

The NDP are planning to fund their election promises by raising the corporate tax rate by 2%. But what effect will that have on employment? According to several well-respected economists, this corporate tax hike will cost Canada hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Mr. Mulcair has also maintained that one million $15/day child care spaces are “one election away,” but by delaying the funding for years – only $290 million invested by 2017 – and relying on the provinces to do the heavy lifting, no child alive today will benefit.

Canadians have a clear choice in this election between the Liberal Party’s plan for smart, immediate investments that create jobs and growth, or Harper and Mulcair’s cuts that will slow down our economy even more.

Patty Hajdu, Federal Liberal Candidate
Thunder Bay Superior North

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