Eric Melillo MP – “After 8 years of this NDP-Liberal government, northern Ontario has been left behind”

Kenora MP Eric Melillo
Kenora MP Eric Melillo

By Eric Melillo MP

OTTAWA / KENORA – POLITICS – It is great to be back in Ottawa to bring everyone’s concerns to House of Commons as sittings resumed this week.

After 8 years of this NDP-Liberal government, northern Ontario has been left behind. I found out that the federal agency responsible for economic development in northern Ontario, FedNor, has been giving contracts to businesses outside of the region.

Less than 15% of contracts went to businesses in the North. The NDP-Liberal government even awarded three contracts to US-based businesses. It is unacceptable that our region’s economic development agency can’t even support local businesses enough to hire them to support its own operations.

The North has exceptional talent across all sectors. No one believes there weren’t any businesses in northern Ontario that could have instead provided these goods and services.

These NDP-Liberals are not worth the cost. They must come clean on why businesses in northern Ontario were not awarded these contracts. Common sense Conservatives will continue to hold the NDP-Liberal government accountable to its contracting decisions and fight for businesses in the North.

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Eric Melillo
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